Esxence Diary – Onyrico

Architecture, literature, music, painting, sculpting, poetry…. Art… Onyrico – the Italian perfume house is all about paying tribute to the Italian art…. It is about taking the time to appreciate, evaluate, admire… Onyrico is creativity… It is a dream that becomes a reality. Onyrico is about freedom and independence.

Onyrico display at Esxence 2018 | photo by BonjourPerfume

The highest quality raw materials, exclusive bottle design with a marble cap, a brilliant idea to pay tribute to the Italian art – all this lies behind the perfume creation. And everything comes back to the source – Emilia Armida Chinigo and PierGiorgio Biella.

Their fragrances are born with no material or creative limits. A total freedom – isn’t it all the artist really needs?

When at the Esxence perfume show, I visited Onyrico on the last day of their exposition. Yet, like the majority of my stops this one was also made by blind choice…. Andrea (the representative) took his time to chat to me about the brand and the beautiful idea behind each scent… I was like in a beautiful cloud of fairy tales and gorgeous smells, which I will never forget… Also, it was such a lovely experience meeting Ms.Emilia herself. It felt like I was meeting my best friend! Fantastic lady, such a pleasure to talk to….

Onyrico team at Esxence 2018 | photo by BonjourPerfume

As the Esxence show is all about the new fragrance releases, I was gifted a sample of Onyrico’s newest baby – Artimitia. Here are my impressions about this beautiful scent.

Artimitia by Onyrico | photo from Onyrico website

This fragrance is dedicated to Artemisia Gentileschi, an eclectic and talented artist, a rebellious heroine, who “displayed her proud femininity and her sensitive soul in her choice of themes and in the most hidden details that can be seen in her paintings,” as the brand describes it.

Oh, sweet Artimitia… Candy-sweet essence with refreshing touches of ginger and tangerine floats on a bed of vanilla, amber, woody notes, and musks… Its opening is such a rich vanilla-like sweetness that I nearly feel slight bitterness at the end of my throat when I take the first few sniffs… So sensuous, so alluring…

Artimitia to me it is a very delicious slice of a well deserved cake! 🙂 I love baking… And a lot of what I do through the day is related to perfumes and smell. So, Artimitia is topping my day! Because whatever your day may bring you, this fragrance is a pound of ‘happy’. With an instant mood-lifting colour and scent combination of tangerines, vanilla, and ginger you can not go wrong. I close my eyes and this perfume makes me smile, it is so beautifully feminine… I love everything about it! With only one spritz, it’s longevity is fantastic (10-12 hrs) and projection very moderate, so a little bit goes a long way 🙂

I must admit, a lot of designer fragrances recently started smelling nearly the same – gourmand lavender caramel…. And I got quite disappointed as so many of those perfumes would be loaded with the same fruit jam sweetness at the top note mixed with a load of synthetic sharpness and acidity… Very rarely I would wait it out to even identify some middle notes… It must be down to the quality of the ingredients… So, as I tried Onyrico’s Artimitia, I was so delighted and relieved! There actually is something delicious on the market out there! (Me: hopping around and hardly able to contain the joy inside while sniffing my wrists at the same time 😀 )

As the year is nearing its end too quickly…I must say, Artimitia has been my most used fragrance from the Esxence show… 🙂 There are the last few precious drops of it left… And those moments throughout the whole year have been the most enjoyable, too.

With quite a good few boutiques in Russia, Ukraine and UAE, as well as the rest of the mainland Europe (Italy, Germany, Austria, etc.), Onyrico would be available for the Irish customers only online at the moment, or whenever you are travelling…. Niche and Co. (the parent-company for Onyrico and Anima Mundi fragrances) would be glad to assist you. Please check their webshop.

The selection of their Onyrico range fragrances come from €200 for 100 ml bottle, others are available at €145 for 50ml bottle. Also, all fragrances are available as 8ml travel size bottles and they come at €45 each. Delivery to Ireland is a standard €10.

I would like to thank Emilia, Andrea, and the whole Onyrico team for giving me this opportunity to taste a little bit more of Italy and its art, with the help of Artimitia. Hopefully, I will be back there again in order to experience different aspects of this wonderful and multifaceted country.

This post concludes the vast series of blog posts from Esxence Diary. It has taken me along while to do so! 🙂 But I am so glad to finally finish it too.. Glad I was able to give it all I can, as each and every fragrance is a baby to its creator – perfumer… They put in months and sometimes even years of hard work in creating something new… This process cannot be rushed, for sure. Yet I am a mere fragrance enthusiast who likes to sniff around and try to imagine that world, try to live that idea with which a fragrance was born….

Thank you to all who has been with me through all this series. To all the brands and representatives, for your generosity and trust. I have had an experience of my life! We’ve come a long way! Thank you all kindly ❤

Esxence Diary – Onyrico

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