Esxence Diary – Majda Bekkali

Majda Bekkali sounds like a magical spell to me.. This is a name of a very creative and passionate lady, born in Morocco. And this relatively new fragrance house isΒ with us since 2009.

Majda Bekkali sculpture-olfactive
Majda Bekkali collection | image from Majda Bekkali website

As soon as I close my eyes I can instantly envision the beautifully shaped bottles. They are like stones – so smooth and sleek like the ones caressed by the constant movement of waves… And those colourful ‘stones’ fit your hand perfectly, just like a favourite mug, the one and only… Now, the scents that fill those gorgeous bottles are purely exceptional pieces of art. Each one of them is telling a different story,Β  with passion for life pulsing through.. Continue reading “Esxence Diary – Majda Bekkali”

Esxence Diary – Majda Bekkali

Esxence Diary – The Merchant of Venice

Lovely Irish weather outside! πŸ™‚ A perfect day to sample something new. Today it’s The Merchant of Venice.

merchant of venice
The Merchant of Venice – Venezia Essenza collection | photo by BonjourPerfume

It is a rare rainy day this year in Ireland, and I happen to have a day off, too. What a delight! As I can finally catch up on the perfumes samples from the Esxence fragrance show. It is so nice to see the fields and grass getting back to their usual green.. Continue reading “Esxence Diary – The Merchant of Venice”

Esxence Diary – The Merchant of Venice

Esxence Diary – Dusita

When poetry meets perfume, something magical happens..

Parfums Dusita | BonjourPerfume

And what am I

if not a whisper in the wind…

I can only write what sits heavy on the heart.

As soon as it’s done, thoughts wander off…

Continue reading “Esxence Diary – Dusita”

Esxence Diary – Dusita