Bonjour Project – Day 3

…When was the last time you walked for the sake of walking and felt elated?..

1. #SOTD Nohiba (2016) – E.Coudray

E.Coudray - Nohiba | photo by BonjourPerfume

A fragrance that lasts all day, is warming and empowering, something quite similar to the likes of Opium by YSL, or maybe Coco by Chanel…. A ‘truly exclusive experience’ according to Escentual.Com, and they could not be more correct… I love the bottle, the smell, the fact that it is limited edition… Whenever you see E.Coudray out for sale, do not hesitate – this brand is so worth having and enjoying 🙂 ❤

2. Little discoveries of the day

So I walked and walked and walked today… Could not feel my feet at the end but was too afraid to sit down, as I knew I won’t be able to get up anymore, haha 😀 Anyway, I discovered a very important store for all the Lithuanians – Bitinėlis, the biggest and most central shop for bee keepers and honey lovers, and we sure can be proud of that! They stock a huge amount of bee / honey / propolis produce, wax candles included 🙂 So I got myself a little tub of Lithuanian honey picked a month ago, and am enjoying a cup of herbal tea with it – ever so delicious! (…and not forgetting the smell, it is oh so summery 🙂 Sorry, Manuka +15, not sorry! 🙂 )

On another note, early this morning I was looking online for a yoga center here in Vilnius, and was …weirdly… surprised to find one… which very openly stated that they DO NOT do classes for beginners… Fair enough… But the weird part of this statement was the reason. This yoga center is refusing new comers because the people had too many ‘bad habits’ from other yoga centers…. The people said they had already tried one or the other move before and couldn’t see the benefit… You see, they were too opinionated! …I cracked up laughing when the yoga center actually blamed the customer – ‘as if you’ve trained in India’ … 🙂 and I am still laughing.. So many times I’ve read about people travelling around the globe on business trips, and even without knowing the language, they still pop into a yoga center for that hour and a half of peace and tranquility and freedom, so they could recharge themselves… But then comes this center with a little bit different attitude.. I always thought, as a business, you can only survive thanks to the people 🙂 …and what concerns yoga itself, I now know where not to go, and I’d rather do it at home on my own… 🙂

3. Something to be thankful for

This evening I’ve decided to go see a play – ‘Dvasiniai Reikalai’ (‘A Matter of the Soul’) / Ingmar Bergman.

Photo of a booklet from a play

It was a one-woman monologue, a story about Victoria.. beautifully played by a talented Gintarė Latvėnaitė. This play was a very clear reflection of very many of us, as Victoria seemed to change a thousand moods in few seconds, loud and openly – the only difference was that we do it more inside our own heads, chattering to ourselves, and have more control over it… Yet in the play the society turned against Victoria – the only way to silence her was with drugs in a hospital… And at the end it felt like there was hope as she looked like she became peaceful, distant, hardly noticing the difference of present or past, memories, or dreams.. However, this play opened up something very deep inside me, as I can never agree to this kind of ‘treatment’.. There must be another way, there must be!…

Thank you, Vilniaus Mažasis Teatras (State Small Theatre of Vilnius), director Kirilas Glušajevas, and the one and only Gintarė Latvėnaitė, for you have reminded me how f*cked up the society can be…

Cherish every single day and minute…as there is no more time left…

J. xxx

Bonjour Project – Day 3

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