Issara – Little Treat

Elevenses – my favorite time of day…
When the morning rush is over it’s time for a little treat.
It always comes paired with a delicious mug of tea, something sweet, and a scent which lifts me up. That’s a moment of peace, time to gather my thoughts and move on with the day. Like a ritual – extremely important.

Parfums Dusita – Issara | BonjourPerfume, 2020

Parfums Dusita – Issara – I am growing to love it more and more every time I spray it. Slightly powdery, soft, fresh and warm scent – very ladylike, beautifully balanced, evolving gently, subtly, like a silk scarf sliding between the fingers…

Fresh green pine and soft herbal notes at the top are joined with tonka bean absolut which, in combination with vetiver bourbon and pine leaf, make the whole experience uplifted… – earthy? – not quite.. – more like a leisurely walk in the morning in a coutryside with a pine forest close by and a freshly cut hay in the fields…
Musk, oakmoss, and natural ambergris balance out the scent at the base, making it slightly more woody, earthy, sensual..

I only wonder now, what this day will bring today.. My senses are heightened, the heart is lifted, the feeling of autumnal inevitability has dissipated. Come, whatever you may bring!

Issara – Little Treat

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