Love In Paris

Photo by Jessica
Love in Paris | Photo by Jessica Young

It is raining outside. The wind is still, leaves barely move. We have loads of trees here. Especially the pines smell nice, they remind me of warm summer evenings..Feels like autumn is coming slowly but surely..

I have looked through the fragrances in my drawer this morning – which one of them I would like to stay with me for the rest of the day? Which one would be warm but not too sweet, grounding but not too overpowering..?

Love in Paris by Nina Ricci hit the spot perfectly. I don’t really have any strong memories associated with it yet… It might be the right time to make new ones!

Love in Paris has me walking in a pine forest after the rain…


Top notes: Bergamot, star anise, peach

Heart : Rose, peony

Base: Musk, vanilla, woodsy notes

Love In Paris

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