Esxence Diary – Kajal Perfumes Paris

This week I am taking my first steps into Arabic / Oriental scents with Kajal Perfumes Paris.

The Arabic world has fascinated me since my early days because it is so different from everything in the mainland Europe. Sand storms, intense heat, camels…where do I even begin?

Kajal at Esxence 2018 | photo by BonjourPerfume
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Esxence Diary – Kajal Perfumes Paris

Esxence Diary – Tiziana Terenzi

Within very short few days the majority of Ireland, together with the rest of Christians, will be celebrating the start of Christmas. The end of the year is also nearing uncontrollably…  And so are my Esxence Diary entries! 🙂 

Tonight I share with you my impressions on another fantastic Italian perfume house – Tiziana Terenzi.

Tiziana Terenzi exposition at Esxence Milano 2018 | photo by BonjourPerfume
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Esxence Diary – Tiziana Terenzi

Esxence Diary – Mendittorosa & Talismans

Memories from the Esxence show in Milan are still vibrant and alive, especially when I think of the beautiful Stefania Squeglia and her babies – Mendittorosa and Talismans…

Mendittorosa Odori D’Anima and Talismans Collezione Preziosa are like two sides of the same coin, each telling a completely different story…

Talismans Osang
Talismans family and Osang | photo by BonjourPerfume

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Esxence Diary – Mendittorosa & Talismans