Beautiful Skin Scents

Hello my lovelies,

With thousands of new perfumes being produced each year, it’s quite difficult to get to know them all at once, especially – well enough to buy one… Sometimes a brand name or a bottle shape tricks us into purchasing, other times we get spellbound by few first spritzes and attractive top notes of the perfume.. And everything is rushed, on the run, be it a duty-free shop at the airport or a clearance sale at a local pharmacy.. And then, when we get back home and finally get to spray the lovely juice on a wrist or neck, top notes quickly change, heart notes take over and develop into something new, overtime leaving the skin layered with base notes. And, hopefully, a pleasant feeling.. ButΒ sometimes we get disappointed with the outcome…

Boucheron | Β©BonjourPerfume

So, perfume takes time… And depending on how it is going to blend with your skin’s chemistry, it is rather a slow process, also very difficult to predict. Actually, it is more of a game if you don’t concentrate too much on the ingredients and just let your nose and sensations guide you…

I have discovered that the best time to try out a new fragrance on your skin (having already liked it on a blotter) is just after a hot bath / shower. The scent tends to develop more fluently, smoothly. Also, you get to notice more clearly how it changes, like a mist waving through a field.

It also takes a long time for a great perfumer to create a beautiful scent, and it is close to impossible to please everyone. So, whatever the vision this creator had when making the perfume, as consumers we get to play this game – them trying to capture a feeling, a memory, a dream – and us trying to match it with our own..

But don’t get discouraged by this. Do experiment! Be bold, try something different! Just trust your gut when you see a new brand name at an outlet store, or when a price of a certain perfume is 3 times cheaper in one pharmacy than the other. Treat yourself! That way you might find something unexpectedly beautiful, something that will surprise you…. Of course, there are a lot of fragrance databases online which list all of the notes – do your research beforehand if you’re feeling cautious, there is nothing wrong with that. At the end, it is all just a game!

So, today I would like to share with you my most favourite skin scents. They are the most intimate fragrances, very personal, and I would usually wear them in the evening at home, just before going to sleep…. They do not scream. And I find them very gentle, feminine…

beautiful skin
Beautiful skin scents | Β©BonjourPerfume

Rochas – Eau SensuelleΒ – fruity floral, 2009

Elie Saab – Le Parfum EDTΒ – floral honey, 2012

Boucheron – Place Vendome EDTΒ – citrusyΒ floral woody, 2013

Dior – Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet –Β floral, 2014

Yves Rocher – Comme Une Evidence L’eau de Parfum –Β floral, 2012

Rituals – Fleurs de L’Himalaya –Β floral, 2015

I would also love to hear what your close to skin perfumes are. Please share your stash in the comments bellow πŸ™‚ ❀

Talk to you all soon,


Beautiful Skin Scents

Best Fragrances For Summer

Hot Summer Day | Photo by Jessica Young

Hello my darlings! πŸ™‚

Before this summer ends, even though it only just started in Ireland, I have decided to post a list of the best perfumes this season! I noticed that it really depends on the heat during the day, that is why I divide my list into two groups: perfumes I would recommend for a very hot day, and the ones that, to my mind, are more suitable for a milder day / warm summer morning. In no particular order, here they are! πŸ™‚

Best fragrances for a hot summer day:

Dolce&Gabbana – Light Blue

Dior – Escale a Portofino

Parfums de Nicolai – Eau d’Ete

Yves Rocher – Naturelle

Fragrances of Ireland – INIS Energy of the Sea

Hermes – Eau des Merveilles

Jo Malone – Wood Sage & Sea Salt

To be honest, they all remind me of the sea, with massive waves crashing on the beach… and if I cannot physically get there, I reach for one of these babies… πŸ™‚

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Best Fragrances For Summer

Gemstones of Paris – Part I

Hello, My Lovelies!

This year is quite unusual and I find myself travelling more than ever, and I am loving it! πŸ™‚ Recently my better half (let’s call him Mr.G) took me on a lovely short break in Paris via Amsterdam. Every day of the trip was a fragrant adventure… πŸ™‚

As we had very little time to roam around Amsterdam, I was very lucky to bump into Marjo Parfumerie in Chinatown.

Perfume store in Amsterdam | Photo by Jessica Young

It is a great perfume store and has loads to offer, including top brands like Amouage, Hermes, to mention just a few.. It was amazing to find such gems like Gucci Eau de Parfum I by Gucci, Diva by Emanuel Ungaro, even Chamade by Guerlain.

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Gemstones of Paris – Part I

The Way Out

Over the years..and even centuries..there have been many ways for people to escape reality. The little clogs of a giant wheel – human race – have always tried to search for something more, something that would show them a different side of reality, relieve them from physical and emotional pain, and simply unknowingly raise their spirit.

Some of us found it in drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, food, sex. Others choose religion, politics, sport events, shopping as a way of escape, anything to give us a thrill, help us forget everyday routine for a few moments…The list is never ending. All these different triggers bring us the same effect – a non ordinary reality. Unfortunately, some of them also have a destructive outcome and innocent lives are harmed.

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The Way Out