Miss Intense – Coco Mademoiselle Intense Perfume Review

Hello, my dearest perfume lovers,

I have just come back from a short day trip to London, which was a very pleasant surprise/ present from my husband. With very little time and so many things to see, I was very lucky to have also visited two perfume boutiques that specialize in niche fragrances – Les Senteurs and Bloom Perfumery. A separate post is yet to follow πŸ™‚

And today I would like to share with you my first impressions of a new fragrance from Chanel – Coco Mademoiselle Intense (EDP).

Coco Mademoiselle Intense
The new Coco Mademoiselle Intense by Chanel | Β©BonjourPerfume

I stopped by one of Chanel boutiques in Covent Garden very much by accident, and was so surprised to find the new Intense there! It was not for sale just yet, and I got a little taster sample from the store.

The original Coco Mademoiselle (EDP) was one of the very first perfumes that I bought years ago, when my fragrance collection was not a collection yet… Something probably closer to 3 bottles… πŸ™‚ So the Mademoiselle aroma is very known to me, and very recognizable.

I must say, I was very happy to discover the new Intense version smelled so very similar to the original eau de parfum, just literally – more intense! πŸ™‚

When compared one to one, I find the eau de parfum slightly sharper, fruitier, fresher. Whereas the Intense version on my skin smells richer, sweeter, deeper, thicker, dirtier….more mature, more evening-like… more daring…

The original EDP would last on my skin for a couple of hours, and I would usually associate it with spring, early summer mornings, when the weather is warm yet still crispy.

While the new Intense surprised me with great performance of over 12+ hours! With same intensity, same patchouli/ vanilla richness throughout the day (and night)… Beautiful!

I am actually so glad that the master perfumer Olivier Polge did not veer off too far from the original fragrance, created by his father Jacques Polge… Because I am probably more emotionally attached to the aroma itself, which now comes in an intense version πŸ™‚

So all together, in my opinion, if you like Coco Mademoiselle, you will love the new Coco Mademoiselle Intense.

Give it a try, see for yourselves, for as always the perfume on your skin might smell very different from the blotter, and you might discover something completely different πŸ™‚ I would love to hear your ideas and experience! Please comment bellow πŸ™‚

P.S. The perfume is pre-launching at the Chanel boutique at Covent Garden in London today, Friday 23rd February, 2018. And at all other official Chanel counters across the UK and the Republic of Ireland – on Thursday 1st March.

P.S.S. Thank you to the lovely store assistants from the Chanel boutique at Covent Garden for their generosity and friendly chat.

Happy sniffing!

Miss Intense – Coco Mademoiselle Intense Perfume Review

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