Bonjour Project – Day 11

A quick one today 😉 I keep forgetting about the time difference..

1. #SOTN – after a long and hot shower … Parfums de Nicolai – Ambre Cashmere Intense. Love the velvety smooth perfection of this scent… sticks to my skin and don’t want it to leave, ever..

Parfums de Nicolai - Ambre Cashmere Intense | photo by BonjourPerfume

2. Little discoveries of the day

I was casually walking today, trying to find some perfume brand (which I didn’t at the end as I turned the wrong way..), when I caught Buddha pictures with corner of my eye. And I would never have thought – there’s a Tibetan Buddhism centre in Vilnius. I might pay them a visit on my next trip around the city 🙂 Continue reading “Bonjour Project – Day 11”

Bonjour Project – Day 11