Lovely Day For Rose Prick

Today I decided to visit my sample of Tom Ford’s Rose Prick. Did I ever tell you how much I love rose – patchouli combination in fragrances? No? Well… it is my favourite 🙂 Along with rose – oud… 🙂 Whenever I divert to other perfume notes, overtime I still circle back to my basics. And Rose Prick has hit the spot in my day today 🙂

A sample of Rose Prick by Tom Ford | ©BonjourPerfume, 2021
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Lovely Day For Rose Prick

Testing Maison Lancome and Tom Ford

Here are some sample cards from my quick visit to Brown Thomas the other day.

Maison Lancome and Tom Ford sampling |BonjourPerfume, 2020

I had a chance to finally try these, and two days later the scents still linger on very strong.

[I must also say, the fragrance community is very influential 😀 ]

And here are my favorites from the trip: 🙂
Maison Lancome – Parfait de Roses, Oud Bouquet
Tom Ford – Cafe Rose, Noir de Noir

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Testing Maison Lancome and Tom Ford