Esxence Diary – Renier Perfumes

There are scents which I still love since my early days. Like a scent of rain on a hot summer day.. Or a scent of freshly ironed, steamed clothes.. Or a smell of freshly picked raspberries from a forest… Or that weirdly attractive scent at the shoe repairs… 🙂 Also, I’ve always had an attachment to water colours, and painting in general. And for me as a kid, the best time to paint was when it was raining.. (Now, let me remind you, that was the pre-computer, pre-smart phone era…. 🙂 when apart from going to school, and a couple of chores at home, kids had pretty much all the free time to play outside… 🙂 )

Renier Perfumes
Renier Perfumes stand at Esxence 2018 | BonjourPerfume

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Esxence Diary – Renier Perfumes