Perfume News – Wild Rose by The Burren Perfumery

At the start of 2020 none of us could have predicted the extremely different year ahead. A year of a lot of uncertainty, pain, and sorrow. But also hope, kindness, and desire for change. Only through the hardship we tend to evolve, though. So, as this year is nearing the end, I am certain, each one of us have been through their own hell and back, and now more than ever we have learnt the most about ourselves, as single individuals and as a society.

Wild Rose Рthe newest addition to The Burren Perfumery collection |©BonjourPerfume, 2020

Wild Rose, the newest creation of the Irish perfume house The Burren Perfumery, could not have come at a better time.

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Perfume News – Wild Rose by The Burren Perfumery