Esxence Diary – Majda Bekkali

Majda Bekkali sounds like a magical spell to me.. This is a name of a very creative and passionate lady, born in Morocco. And this relatively new fragrance house isΒ with us since 2009.

Majda Bekkali sculpture-olfactive
Majda Bekkali collection | image from Majda Bekkali website

As soon as I close my eyes I can instantly envision the beautifully shaped bottles. They are like stones – so smooth and sleek like the ones caressed by the constant movement of waves… And those colourful ‘stones’ fit your hand perfectly, just like a favourite mug, the one and only… Now, the scents that fill those gorgeous bottles are purely exceptional pieces of art. Each one of them is telling a different story,Β  with passion for life pulsing through.. Continue reading “Esxence Diary – Majda Bekkali”

Esxence Diary – Majda Bekkali

Bonjour Project

Hi all,

Bonjour Project | photo by BonjourPerfume

I’m setting myself off on a little project. Made a nice cup of tea, and here it goes..

For the following few weeks I will be posting miniature blogs from my day, all related to fragrance, in one way or another..

1. Scent of the Day (#SOTD)

I’m starting and ending this day with a spritz of Coco by Chanel, a classic and all time favorite.. ❀ Continue reading “Bonjour Project”

Bonjour Project