Tell Me More About Barcelona…

This morning saw the end of another storm in Ireland. It was still wet and very windy, even though the worst was already over. I blind picked a sample, spritzed it on my wrists, and ran off to work…

#scentoftheday and first wearing of Carner Barcelona – D600

Carner Barcelona – D600 eau de parfum | photo by BonjourPerfume

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Tell Me More About Barcelona…

Message In A Bottle

Dear perfume lovers,

Today I am embracing journeying across the World through the sense of smell…

Taking thyme to think | ©BonjourPerfume

Well, my nose has quietly betrayed me and I can soothe the respiratory system with some thyme tea, that way giving in to realization that perfume actually has the ability to store memories. And with those memories it carries emotions, feelings, everything personal and ever so powerful. Continue reading “Message In A Bottle”

Message In A Bottle