Mysterious Musk by Mugler

Alien Musc Mysterieux by Mugler was a total blind buy and definitely not a love at first sniff…

Angel Musc Mysterieux by Mugler | (c) BonjourPerfume 2021

And just when I thought I hated musky scents (because they make me cough and are drying out my throat), I chose this Alien version totally by chance – and loved it!

I was amazed at how well it suited my mood as for the last week I just couldn’t pick the right fragrance… and that’s a very disappointing week!

My inexperienced nose distinguished spices, creamy honey and oud accords, and also some rather smoky woods…
Beautifully blended, this perfume made me come back to my wrists for more…

Thank you, my dear friend, for this amazing recommendation! 🙂

Mysterious Musk by Mugler

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