Long Lost Scents – Opera Classic Dzintars

For the last week I have been wearing Dzintars Opera Classic every day. It is such a delicate fruity / floral perfume that I cannot get enough of… 🙂

According to Fragrantica, the top notes are Neroli, Orange and Red Berries; middle notes are Gardenia, Magnolia and Pink Peony; base notes are Honey, Blackwood and Patchouli. I think it is the magnolia, peony, and red berries that make me want to dance, and I feel so feminine when I wear it… The scent is refreshingly sweet and lasts 6+ hrs on my skin.

Opera Classic, Dzintars | ©BonjourPerfume, 2021

Also, I think I am more emotionally attached to this perfume and the brand itself, because Dzintars is the closest thing to a Lithuanian perfume in my collection… And as years go by, I am finally beginning to find something from the fragrance world that has a strong connection with me…

Opera Classic, Dzintars | ©BonjourPerfume, 2021

I purchased Opera Classic in 2017. It was the last time I got to walk the streets of Riga, Latvia. It is such a beautiful city, I have great memories from that trip. You can re-visit my short blog post about this holiday here 🙂

Dzintars, the Latvian cosmetics giant, declared bankruptcy in 2019. But by the looks of their website and social media channels, they are still operating, only with a much smaller produce, selling mainly sun creams and body care products, no perfumes unfortunately. They do deliver to European countries, so it is worth checking out if you are interested.

Have you heard of Dzintars before? Or maybe you have a favourite scent? 🙂

Long Lost Scents – Opera Classic Dzintars

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