Lovely Day For Rose Prick

Today I decided to visit my sample of Tom Ford’s Rose Prick. Did I ever tell you how much I love rose – patchouli combination in fragrances? No? Well… it is my favourite 🙂 Along with rose – oud… 🙂 Whenever I divert to other perfume notes, overtime I still circle back to my basics. And Rose Prick has hit the spot in my day today 🙂

A sample of Rose Prick by Tom Ford | ©BonjourPerfume, 2021

If you haven’t tried this perfume yet, it has a resemblance to Portrait of a Lady by Frederic Malle but with much sweeter top notes. I find it nearly marshmallow-y, candy-like sweet 🙂 There is some kind of acidity or bitterness to it as well, just enough to be felt, and this slightly irritates me. It could be my skin’s reaction to the perfume, but it could also be either of the top notes carrying that kind of ‘aftertaste’ – Sichuan pepper or turmeric.

The middle notes are all about roses. At the heart we find May rose, Bulgarian and Turkish rose. And the base of the fragrance greets us with patchouli and tonka bean.

While wearing Rose Prick today I was reminded of another great rose / patchouli scent from the past – Mystere by Novaya Zarya. A bottle of which I bought in a cosmetics shop in Lithuania years ago. It cost me something like 10 euros for a bottle of pure perfume! This one is a beast among rose / patchouli scents, and definitely collection-worthy.

If I was thinking of buying Rose Prick, on the other hand, I would think a little harder however… In my opinion it is way overpriced, coming at 205$ for a 30ml matte pink bottle. But for someone who loves Tom Ford’s Private Blend, this gorgeous pink perfection would definitely highlight the collection.

Have you tried Rose Prick yet? If so, what are your thoughts, feelings towards it?

I would like to thank ©jovolie for kindly sharing with me the precious drops of Rose Prick from her private collection. Thank you ❤

Lovely Day For Rose Prick

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