Long Lost Scents – Stella

It has been the most amazing week last week as I discovered Stella by Stella McCartney!

Stella McCartney – Stella | ©BonjourPerfume 2021

Unfortunately, I do not remember how or when I got it, but boy am I glad I randomly picked it up the other day! Wow what a delicious rose & peony bouquet this is!

Fresh, light, warm, slightly lipsticky even – an instant love from me. And I don’t understand why I never wore it before – such a shame…

Warm days of early spring are perfect for Stella. It lasts all day on my skin, and has a lovely woody / amber dry down.

The nose of the fragrance is Jaques Cavallier. He is famous for many classics like Midnight Poison (Christian Dior), a few versions of Classique (Jean Paul Gaultier), L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme (Issey Miyake), Noir de Noir (Tom Ford), and Poeme (Lancome), to mention just a few. As I am looking through Fragrantica database, now I cannot wait to revisit my Vanille Noir by Yves Rocher!

Have you tried Stella? What do you think of this floral beauty?

Long Lost Scents – Stella

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