Long Lost Scents – Si Lolita

I wore this fragrance on St.Patrick’s Day this year as my “something green” for the parade 🙂

Si Lolita by Lolita Lempicka | ©BonjourPerfume, 2021

Well, there was no parade, of course! And I don’t think we did anything else that memorable.. It would have been fun to bring out my little one to town and see the parade, but I suppose we’ll have to wait till next year… or the one after that.

This is an eau de toilette version of Si Lolita by Lolita Lempicka. I haven’t tried the original but as I am reading on Fragrantica, this is a much lighter, a less spicy version. I am not big fan of a straight up pepper note so I do have to wait a while till it disappears and Si Lolita turns into a gentle, slightly sweet floral scent with a musky / amber base. It is perfect for a morning and day wear – to wake you up with a pepper punch and ease you off into the day 🙂

A very feminine, even girly scent, for sure. And that bottle just deserves to be in any collection 🙂 – cheerful, playful, joyous. I think, it balances perfectly with the scent.

Not much of a review about Si Lolita, only a touch and base on it, as I haven’t sprayed it in a long long while. I think I like the bottle more than the fragrance itself, though. Not too distinctive, not quite memorable enough?… I would have to wear it a few times more to make up my mind but I don’t feel drawn to it for that… Maybe another time?

Long Lost Scents – Si Lolita

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