Moonlight in Chiangmai – the New Fragrance from Parfums Dusita

Just before Christmas 2020 I received a sample of Moonlight in Chiangmai, the tenth creation by Parfums Dusita.

That extra time I took to test the fragrance helped me tame it.

Perfumer Pissara Umavijani and her tenth creation – Moonlight in Chiangmai | Image courtesy of Parfums Dusita

Moonlight in Chiangmai speaks of beauty, balance, and quality. It was inspired by perfumer’s Pissara Umavijani visit to Doi Suthep at midnight – a temple in Chiangmai in northern Thailand.

The temple is located on a mountain top, looking out onto the city of Chiangmai. According to the brand, “playing with the contrast between light and shadow, Moonlight in Chiangmai paints in olfactory terms a wonderful scene of the city at night, lit by the moonlight and the paper lanterns floating in the sky.”

Moonlight in Chiangmai mood board | image courtesy of Parfums Dusita

I can only imagine how amazing that view must have been! The floating lanterns in the sky would create a spectacular atmosphere! I have always loved city lights at night. Especially when traveling by plane, our Earth looks ever so magical.

Which brings me to another Parfums Dusita feature – poetry by Dr. Montri Umavijani, the father of the perfumer and creator Pissara Umavijani. Every fragrance at Parfums Dusita is created to honour Dr.Umavijani’s poetry. And every scent carries his poem with it.

Moonlight in Chiangmai sounds like this:

Our understanding comes

not because we are

on earth together,

but because we are under

the same heaven.

Montri Umavijani

It could never sound more touching and real than now, during these uncertain, shaken times that our planet is going through.. Reminding us to stay together, unbroken, united….

Moonlight in Chiangmai by Parfums Dusita| image courtesy of Parfums Dusita

It did take me a while to tame Moonlight in Chiangmai… Mainly because I caught myself looking for scents that Moonlight in Chiangmai would remind me of instead of just wearing and experiencing the fragrance itself… And now I think it is the best Pissara Umavijani’s creation to date… (or as I should say, the one that resonates with me the most 🙂 )

With the first impression, the sweetness of this fragrance reminded me of a marriage between Rose Privee by L’Artisan Parfumeur and Baccarat Rouge 540 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian. It had woody-like smokiness in it, too.

With the second try, I found Moonlight in Chiangmai leaning more towards the masculine side, and it definitely smelled better on my husband’s skin than mine..

And only finally, as I put all the previous associations aside and simply started to enjoy the scent whenever I had time to wear it, I realized just how beautiful it was. It is a sweet citrus / woody scent, based on a sweet citrus fruit Yuzu, night blooming Jasmine, and Thai Teak wood. But there is so much more to the experience itself that it becomes harder and harder to find words each time I try.

To me, Moonlight in Chiangmai speaks of quality, serene happiness, and futuristic elegance. It aids in bringing out that quiet state of confidence and inner balance, that feeling of total peace within. Of course, maybe it is just something that I seek and this fragrance helps me ground myself.. But how delighted I am with such discovery!

Olfactive pyramid of Moonlight in Chiangmai | Image courtesy of Parfums Dusita

According to the brand, “the opening, an energetic citrusy freshness from the exotic Japanese Yuzu combined to the floral opulence of night blooming Jasmine. At the heart, the warm spiciness of Indian Nutmeg blended with the vanillic nuanced sweetness of Benzoin Siam build a wonderfully dense heart. The base notes, a resinous touch of Myrrh beautifully wrapped by woody tones of Patchouli Indonesia, Vetiver Haiti and Thai Teak Wood in a comfortable long-lasting embrace.”

While testing this latest Parfums Dusita creation, I realized how important it is to make your own associations with the scent you’re wearing. The image you create will lead you and that scent all the time. And without the image, without the inner feeling that the fragrance arises, there is no connection – it is just a scent…


P.S. As for myself, I cannot shake an image out of my head… An image of a person wearing a fresh, crisp white shirt, driving a car in summer with windows down, enjoying the breeze and the warmth of the sun, and wearing this scent. I love clean white shirts… 🙂

And I love Moonlight in Chiangmai

I would like to express my sincere apology to Parfums Dusita for such a delayed review of their fragrance.

Thank you kindly for the sample of Moonlight in Chiangmai.

All the opinions in this article are my own and not in any way associated with the brand.

Moonlight in Chiangmai – the New Fragrance from Parfums Dusita

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