Sampling Memo Paris – French Leather

Sampling is a great way to try out a perfume on your skin and see how you feel about it and how you enjoy wearing it at different times of day and in different moods.

Memo Paris – French Leather, © BonjourParis, 2021

Changing of the seasons affect the fragrance chemistry with your skin, too. And what you would love wearing in cold winter months, you might not be as elated to choose in early spring….

There are so many perfumes nowadays, but just as well, because we have sooo many more moods, feelings, and emotions that affect our perfume choices. So it is crucially important to test the perfume before purchasing it.

Here for the picture I pulled out the tester from Memo Paris – French Leather. It is a gorgeous, light, airy, fresh rose / leather scent, and I think it is ideal for spring time. The aroma does not project very far, but it also stays on my skin all day long (around 8 hrs) and that’s just how I like it.

Last week chose to wear it on my wrist and sprayed a little on my scarf as well. I can still slightly feel the fragrance on my scarf, even after all this time. The quality is superb!

Have you tried French Leather yet? I think it has become one of my favourites from Memo Paris.

P.S. Thank you to Brown Thomas store in Dublin, Ireland for this sample.

Ahh the good old pre-covid days when we could just walk into a perfume store and sniff anything we wanted… It is such a relief to find a perfume sample at home now!

Sampling Memo Paris – French Leather

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