Flash Review – Chanel Gabrielle

Chanel – Gabrielle
Quite gentle, this Gabrielle… Nothing that I imagined it would be… A lovely scent, nonetheless.. White floral and citrusy.

Chanel Gabrielle | photo by BonjourPerfume, 2019

As I am sniffing it of my wrist, I cannot stop thinking that it reminds me of another very familiar fragrance… I just can’t remember which one…

Gabrielle is calm like an early summer morning – with orange blossoms and jasmine… joined by ylang-ylang… It is more like a Coco Mademoiselle with a freshness of Chanel Chance but at the very very early stage, without any sharpness or sweetness… Well, just as the campaign for the fragrance says, before Coco Chanel there was Gabrielle…

I wonder, what the new intense version is going to be like….

To be continued…

Flash Review – Chanel Gabrielle

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