Aurora by Charles Wong

How would you describe the feeling of oneness?… How would you explain to someone what it feels to be in love?… What scent would be ideal to describe happiness? Or…how would you scent elegance?..

The perfume which can answer all these questions stands just in front of me. Meet Aurora by Charles Wong.

Aurora par Charles Wong | Image courtesy of Charles Wong

Aurora radiates peace, tranquility, freedom, and airy elegance. To me this fragrance resembles of a light silky dress gracefully flowing in the summer wind somewhere on the beach… or it could also be flowing down the stairs at the opera house somewhere in Vienna, and all I can see sticking out from the dress are two little feet running joyously…. Something about this perfume feels very delicate, nearly fragile, yet it is so perfectly balanced that every time I sniff my wrist, I feel at ease! I feel my racing mind calming…and bringing me back to center. I am back at the beach, feeling a touch of salt on my lips and a slightly sweet watermelon flavour….

Aurora par Charles Wong | Image courtesy of Charles Wong

Charles Wong is an author and a perfume enthusiast from Hong Kong and this is his first fragrance. Aurora was made in France by Perfumery Corialys and released at the end of 2018. The nose behind this fragrance is Richard Asfour. Aurora is entirely Mr.Wong’s personal tribute to France, Parisian elegance, its romantic and dapper side.

Every time I visit Paris, it fills some kind of void inside in me, be it architecture, or food, or the French language, or fragrances, or music… Some kind of aura of romanticism hovers around this city. And even though I can only say three fords in French (merci, bonjour, and…parfum… 😀 ) I just love walking the streets, marveling at and absorbing everything around me – views, aromas, and sounds…

As for Mr.Charles Wong, he has completed an enormous task to combine East and West in a scent! As a fragrance, Aurora is a fantastic result which shows a brilliant collaboration between the fragrance creator and the creative director.

To me, Aurora carries the gentleness of Petit Matin by Maison Francis Kurkdjian, the warmth of 1881 by Cerruti (for women), and the sea-comfort of Wood Sage & Sea Salt by Jo Malone London.

Aurora par Charles Wong | Image courtesy of Charles Wong

Top notes of this scent include fig leaves, blackcurrant bud, fresh water, bergamot. Heart notes are rice, water lotus, bamboo, rain. And the base notes include oakmoss, amber, sea minerals, sea moss, freesia, sea.

In general, Aurora has a very pleasant ring to it. Fresh and slightly fruity, with a rind of citrus gently hovering in the beginning – the top notes are beautifully embraced with creaminess of rice note and sweetness of water lotus later on. The scent lasts all day – a good 8 hrs on my skin, which is very enjoyable. Also, it is rather calm, it stays close to skin. After six hours or so, I start noticing slightly sharper notes of oakmoss, amber. Fresh water, sea, and rain – water feature is very dominant in this fragrance. And I am enjoying every single drop of it! It can be easily worn during the day, at the office, all year round. It would be perfect for a wedding day, too!… The fragrance is very much suitable for men and women. And to anyone who would appreciate artistic, exclusive, hand-made touches to it.

As you can see in the picture bellow, the detailed attention has been paid to decorating the perfume bottle itself. The two-coloured bows around the neck of the bottle symbolize a suited gentleman. And the wax-seal on each bottle is hand sealed by Mr.Wong himself.

Aurora par Charles Wong | Image courtesy of Charles Wong

As the fragrance is at the early stages of its distribution across the globe, I kindly invite you to visit Mr.Charles Wong’s FaceBook page at Aurora Book and contact him there directly if you were interested in trying his new fragrance. [Aurora Book is written by Mr.Wong as an admiration to France and its culture after his visit to this country. The book was printed in 2016.]

Aurora perfume is also available at a luxury niche fragrance store Perfumerie Tresor in Hong Kong. So, if you’re travelling, do pop into their boutique. At the moment, there is a sweet promotion on and with every purchase you may receive as a gift a mini box of chocolates, which represent two different flavours and colours of the perfume, too.

Aurora par Charles Wong | Image courtesy of Charles Wong

The perfume sample and images for this blog post were very kindly provided by Mr.Charles Wong. Thank you ❤

With the Chinese New Year approaching very quickly, I would like to wish you all health, joy, prosperity, and happiness. May your dreams fulfill! 🙂 ❤

Aurora by Charles Wong

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