Winter Sample Stash

It was quite an unusual November and December in relation to perfumes. I kept going through my sample stash, trying out new scents. Some became my favourites instantly, the others I will be hardly coming back to just yet… Unless, a few months later my nose will crave for something new to re-discover… πŸ™‚

Winter Sample stash | photo by BonjourPerfume

Recently I was very lucky to win a discovery sample set from Masque Milano. Their perfume Tango has brought very nice memories from my time in Lithuania a year ago (all of which you may read in my perfume diary Bonjour Project). Tango is a hypnotic rose – patchouli combination. In a fragrance I love this duo the most. And now I get to try the rest of their beautiful creations! I am elated! ❀

Winter Sample stash | photo by BonjourPerfume

Musk Ravageur and Carnal Flower by Frederic Malle came one day as a gift tasters from Brown Thomas store in Dublin. I fell in love with Musc Ravageur instantly! It’s a beast of a musk! (Actually, thanks to Sylvaine Delacourte’s Musc Collection, I am getting used to all kinds of musk flavours πŸ™‚ and am beginning to understand this ingredient more in-depth… ). Musc Ravageur (created by Maurice Roucel) was a lovely treat πŸ™‚

However, I was not so keen on Carnal Flower (created by Dominique Ropion)…. It felt too sickly and needed the warmth of the sun to melt the green and floral notes off my skin… I honestly couldn’t wait to get a shower… So, hopefully, with spring and the heat of Irish summer I will change my mind about this tuberose-heavy scent. Fingers crossed! πŸ™‚

There is a white travel spray in the photo and it holds another fragrance from Frederic Malle – Lipstick Rose. My best friend very kindly decanted a few sprays of this fragrance for me, and I love it! It’s a brilliant idea, I think, as this scent literally smells of lipstick from my childhood! πŸ™‚ A dusty, powdery, sweet scent πŸ™‚ Very memorable..

Maremma by Tiziana Terenzi is another beautiful patchouli-heavy perfume, surrounded by cocoa and other juicy fruits and leathers, which I used quite a lot this winter. You may have read my post about this scent just recently. This extrait de parfum is a powerful beast, paying a beautiful tribute to the hills of Maremma in Tuscany, Italy.

Maremma by Tiziana Terenzi among other winter scents | photo by BonjourPerfume

Camel by Zoologist Perfumes was an instant love, and still is an adorable and peaceful fruity desert fragrance, enriched with layers of incense, cinnamon, and amber. My favourite from the house, so far. You may have read my post about this perfume house a while ago.

Cap Neroli by Parfums de Nicolai came to me at the Esxence Perfume exhibition. Even now, as I close my eyes, I can still remember its scent… This fragrance is an unusual take on exotic neroli flowers as it is entwined with herbal rosemary and mint, together with jasmine and oakmoss. A more in-depth review on the scent is available in my recent post.

Cap Neroli by Parfums de Nicolai among other winter scents | photo by BonjourPerfume

Psychedelique by Jovoy Paris and Insulo by JeroboamΒ both came to me as sample tasters from Jovoy Paris online store. They both are perfect scents during cold winter time! They are both thick, heavy, heady perfumes. For the evenings – to indulge, or during day time – to warm up… Fantastic longevity and an amazing projection! Psychedelique – patchouli + rose + amber. Insulo – vanilla + jasmine + musk.

Caravelle Epicee by Frapin – a spicy woody-amber perfume. Very aromatic, slightly tobacco-y. I picked this sample at the Bloom Perfumery in London early this year. It is a fantastic store, categorizing scents according to their main accords. I find this a brilliant idea, as you always get to discover something new and unexpected from the same range of perfumes.

There is a very tiny drop of gorgeous juice left in one of the testers… Those precious drops come from another Italian perfume house – Onyrico – which I brought with me from the Esxence perfume show. Artimitia is a sweet candy-like scent, paying a tribute to the first Italian lady artist, known around the world – Artemisia Gentileschi. I have been really enjoying this fragrance since the beginning and I can’t wait to finish writing my blog post about this brand. Stay tuned! πŸ™‚

And finally, my head bows down to Baccarat Rouge 540 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian. This fragrance is a masterpiece to me. I had an opportunity to visit their store in Paris years ago, and that is where I received this precious sample….Recently, I have been suffering from a head cold for a good few days and had no desire for any perfume in particular. Mainly because I could not smell anything on me… It is always the most upsetting thing! And yesterday, as I started feeling better and we were heading out to celebrate Christmas Day with the family, I decided to wear something I don’t usually reach for every day. Only on special occasions… So, Baccarat Rouge 540 became my special scent… And I am so happy I picked it! πŸ™‚ All the evening yesterday I could feel its sweetness around me, gently whiffing like a butterfly. Quietly and unobtrusively…. And even today, more than 30hrs after I have applied it, I can still sense it… Unbelievable…

These were the few of my favourite scents this winter… The majority of them are available as discovery sample orders online, or they are very generously gifted with a full bottle purchase, in stores or online.

Are you into sample testing? Or do you prefer full bottles? πŸ™‚ Have you tried any of these scents? What are your favourites this winter, in general? I would love to know πŸ™‚

Winter Sample Stash

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