How Deep That Rabbit Hole Really Is? Femme by Rochas

For the last day or two I kept seeing this perfectly shaped bottle in the back of my head. This extremely feminine and sexy bottle, yet strong and fearless, with amber coloured juice inside…

#scentoftheday Femme by Rochas

Femme by Rochas
Femme by Rochas | photo by BonjourPerfume

Today I dug this perfume out from the deepest and darkest corner…. I haven’t worn it for years! Mainly because it used to give me headaches and nausea… But today it felt right….

Finally, I discovered how beautifully balanced this fragrance really is. A pure masterpiece, originally created by Edmond Roudnitska back in 1940’s, later on reformulated in late 1980’s. And all day today I couldn’t stop sniffing my wrists… The perfume felt so alive, so powerful! Like a sweet aldehyde mixed with leathery lipstick powder scent! Oh, it felt so good! And how come I never knew it smelled that good! 🙂 Later on the powder and sweetness eased off and settled into a peaceful woody amber scent… Oh wow, what a sensational journey it has been! ❤

Now, of course, I do not own the vintage version of this beauty… According to the perfume checker, my bottle was produced in 2011… And after many years of not using it, I suppose, it has also lost a few top notes on the way… But nonetheless, Femme still is an absolute stunner! I am so happy I chose to wear Femme today… ❤

On another note…Before writing this post, I popped into Fragrantica to check peoples’ comments, perfume notes, etc. And I was very pleasantly surprised to see that (according to the votes) Femme by Rochas is very similar to Mitsouko by Guerlain! 🙂 Learn something new everyday! 🙂 I was very attracted to Mitsouko for some reason for a long while… And since I don’t have it, now I discover that I can enjoy it every day, but with Femme! 🙂

Why the rabbit hole reference to this blog post? I think I might have to give another few years to thoroughly explore this fragrance.. As I have no idea how Femme will surprise me, I can’t wait to find out 🙂

Have you discovered anything similar? Have you found a fragrance in your wardrobe which totally blew your mind? 🙂 I would love to know…

How Deep That Rabbit Hole Really Is? Femme by Rochas

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