Tell Me More About Barcelona…

This morning saw the end of another storm in Ireland. It was still wet and very windy, even though the worst was already over. I blind picked a sample, spritzed it on my wrists, and ran off to work…

#scentoftheday and first wearing of Carner Barcelona – D600

Carner Barcelona – D600 eau de parfum | photo by BonjourPerfume

According to the tester card, this is

a perfume that captures the urban lifestyle and the Mediterranean spirit of Barcelona, a seamless blending of the old and the new.

I haven’t been to Barcelona yet. So this invitation to the Mediterranean sounded very appealing to me, especially on such a wet day..

At first I was met with a punchy and slightly spicy citrus-vetyver blend. It was very pleasant, and I can imagine how even more lovely this perfume should smell on a hot day at the beach… Once the top notes escaped, the scent on my skin became powdery, with a very noticeable vetyver. Vanilla absolut embraced and softened the whole creation.

Amazingly enough, I found myself sniffing my wrists all day at work!

D600 felt refreshing and posh at the same time. It is a cool, yet sweet and powdery fragrance, sophisticated and playful.. Wearing it today felt like I was listening to a piece of classical music at a very private theatre, somewhere close to a seafront… that’s how I would call this interpretation on Barcelona..

This perfume has a lovely projection and longevity, it stayed alive on my skin for good 6 hrs. I cannot wait to try it out on a hotter day. However, I think, the closer the weather is to the one in the Mediterranean and Spain – hot or at least warm, and humid – it would be a perfect time to enjoy this scent, no matter where you are. This perfume is very appealing, very pleasant.

Have you tried Carner Barcelona – D600? What are your thoughts?

Top notes of this fragrance include: Madagascan black pepper, Sicilian bergamot, and grapefruit.

Middle notes are: Guatemalan cardamon, Italian iris, and Egyptian jasmine absolut.

Base notes include: Virginian cedar wood, Madagascan vanilla absolut, vetyver.

Bloom Perfumery in London stocks this fragrance. It comes at £85 for 50ml, plus delivery. Bloom Perfumery delivers worldwide.

Parfumarija in Dublin stocks Carner Barcelona, too. D600 comes only in their discovery box, at the moment. The rest of the perfumes from this house are priced from €98 for 50ml.

I would like to thank Bloom Perfumery for giving me a chance to test this beautiful scent. Thank you ❤

Prices are correct at the time of writing this post. Thoughts and words are my own.

Tell Me More About Barcelona…

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