Olfactive Voyages – Bloom Perfumery

Many moons ago I stopped by at a wonderful enchanted garden in the centre of London – Bloom Perfumery.

Bloom Perfumery, London | photo by BonjourPerfume

Every single perfume creation carries its secret but not all of them are worthy of your attention, time, and effort. Some talk to you and you get an instant connection. Others might discourage you at first sniff but with time they would become your most loved scents. How to know? How to choose wisely and not make a mistake?

Bloom Perfumery has got all the answers. Trust me, they are the masters of this trade.

At the Bloom Perfumery in Covent Garden, central London, you can literally close your eyes, and allow your nose to guide you through the vast selection of niche fragrances. And I’m sure even the most picky of us will find a scent to suit their palette. The perfumes are organized according to their fragrance families, which is extremely helpful when you’re looking to try a citrusy or a woody scent. For a novice fraghead like me, some brand names wouldn’t mean anything yet… and to be honest, many times I got discouraged to try a scent just because the bottle didn’t appeal to me. Which, I know, is a rather silly excuse.. And so, at Bloom Perfumery, I really loved the fact that I could head straight to a particular shelf without a worry of getting too many surprises at once.

Also, they have a lab there. A real one. And the store assistants wear white coats. Like real doctors. Perfume doctors 🙂 In this place they create magic for you 🙂 …let’s say you’ve got an idea of how your own signature scent should smell like.. Guys at the Bloom Perfumery will make up a formula for you and create your own one-of-a-kind fragrance. They’re that good! Now, one-on-one session will cost you as little as £210 for a 50ml eau de parfum. But the point is, the formula stays there only for you. You can always come back for another bottle of your own bespoke scent!

That time when I visited the store, the business was already in sixth gear! Round every corner I was either surprised by something unheard of, or blown away by the rich variety of their perfumes..

Bloom Perfumery, London| photo by BonjourPerfume

I was really intrigued by their Nose Club and Yearly Sample Subscription. For example, for a price of a 100ml bottle (£140), you are getting 6x1ml different samples posted to you each month, for a whole year! Unfortunately, they only offer this service to UK addresses… However, the Bloom Perfumery provides worldwide delivery for everything else. So it is worth checking out their website.. 😉

Have I mentioned yet that they stock brands like Zoologist, Imaginary Authors, Mendittorosa, .vero.profumo, Pierre Guillaume, Rouge Bunny Rouge, Carner, and many many more?… oh… just typing this blog post already makes me want to go back there again! 🙂 ❤ I loved this place! 🙂

Do pay them a visit when you’re in London. And do check their website online at bloomperfume.co.uk . Trust me, these guys will satisfy any craving for proper juice 😉

Prices are correct at the time of writing this post.

I would like to thank the Bloom Perfumery for their friendship and hospitality during my visit. Time spent at your store was truly magical ❤

Olfactive Voyages – Bloom Perfumery

2 thoughts on “Olfactive Voyages – Bloom Perfumery

  1. I love Bloom Perfumery! I’ve visited twice on trips to London, and you’re right, they are well worth seeking out. Nice, nice, sales assistants, and as you say, very knowledgeable. Bloom also has some very affordable fragrances in addition to the niche fragrances they stock.

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