Quick Stop on Grafton St.

Flying by on Grafton Street in Dublin today, I couldn’t brake the unspoken rule – visiting at least one perfume store… 🙂

Grafton St finds | photo by BonjourPerfume

Brown Thomas surprised me today with Irish Leather by Memo Paris. It is a rather green and fresh take on a leather fragrance to me, and I loved how it differs from the others. It is also not as sweet or creamy, e.g. like Italian Leather (also by Memo Paris)…. Juniper, green mate absolute, and leather are the three main notes. Airy, windy perfume! Very nice! 🙂

And I also stopped by at SpaceNK Apothecary, which is just next door to Brown Thomas. I remember seeing online that Jo Loves released a new perfume, simply called Jo by Jo Loves – a fragrance created by and for Jo Malone herself. And I was very curious to try it out. Luckily, SpaceNK Apothecary already have this beauty in stock! (It is not available on their website just yet, but if you’re in Dublin, you have a chance to try it now). Jo by Jo Loves features the key note – grapefruit, you will also find other notes like lime, black pepper and cedarwood. Sniffing this perfume it really made me feel like I was eating a grapefruit! Amazing! 🙂

Grafton st
View from Bewleys on Grafton st | photo by BonjourPerfume

And of course, a quick trip to Dublin city would never be complete without a stop for coffee. Newly renovated Bewley’s restaurant offers an amazing view from their top floor balcony on to the Grafton St. With a gorgeous sunny day like today, it felt just perfect…

Irish Leather by Memo Paris comes at €205 in Brown Thomas. Jo by Jo Loves comes at €80 / 50ml in SpaceNK.

Prices are correct at the time of writing this post. Opinions are my own.

Quick Stop on Grafton St.

2 thoughts on “Quick Stop on Grafton St.

  1. I was at Brown Thomas in Dublin just a few weeks ago to visit their fragrance department during our ramble around the city! I too lingered by the Memo display. The store has a very nice selection and lovely sales assistants, although I didn’t buy anything there this time. On my first visit to Brown Thomas, I came home with a set of Roads fragrances and a bottle of Atkinsons The Nuptial Bouquet.

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