Wild Atlantic Way – Cloon Keen Atelier

We popped into Galway for an afternoon, and what a pleasant surprise – and what an unexpected discovery! – Cloon Keen Atelier is located just in the middle of the Wild Atlantic Way, on the Main St in Galway city!

Cloon Keen Atelier in Galway, Ireland

Have you ever tried perfumes made in Galway, Ireland? 🙂 Have you already looked for a perfumery that Luca Turin has given a 5* review in his recent perfume guide? Well, look no further 🙂

Cloon Keen Atelier not only does perfume, they have candles and body products too 🙂

Cloon Keen Atelier perfumes in Galway, Ireland

They’re all beautifully presented and introduced by the gorgeous owner Ms.M. herself, and I will definitely have to comeback to this place to explore the gems thoroughly ! Hey, here’s another reason to visit Galway and the West coast of Ireland? 😉

Entrance of Cloon Keen Atelier on Main St in Galway

Cloon Keen Atelier perfumes come at a humble €130 price for an exclusive 100ml bottle. At the moment they offer delivery to a few countries across Europe, and they have a very few boutiques in Europe and USA. Do check their website and get in contact with the store, they will be glad to help you out if you’re interested.

All the opinions in this post are my own. All the prices are correct at the time of writing this post.

Wild Atlantic Way – Cloon Keen Atelier

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