Yves Rocher – Vanille Noire

#scentoftheday Vanille Noire by Yves Rocher.

Yves Rocher – Vanille Noire | photo by BonjourPerfume

This is a sharp, heady vanilla. Warming the body and lifting the spirit.

It is dark and mysterious, something to wear bravely at night. The headiness reminds me of that from Dior Addict, or Armani Code has…

This gorgeous scent performs very well in a damp, not too hot weather. And lasts on skin all day. I could sense it’s whiffs from time to time at work, without the need to sniff my wrists.

Love it! Dark and rich. Vanille Noire – a slice of chocolate cake that fills you up and you’re content for the whole day.

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen Yves Rocher stores in Ireland.. Only once or twice a couple of bottles were for sale in TK Maxx year’s ago… It is such a pitty, as they had a factory somewhere in Co.Cork…

However, there are loads of their stores across Europe and UK. And I really recommend you to visit one whenever you travel, as they also specialize in skin care and cosmetics, and natural beauty.

Yves Rocher – Vanille Noire

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