Esxence Diary – Renier Perfumes

There are scents which I still love since my early days. Like a scent of rain on a hot summer day.. Or a scent of freshly ironed, steamed clothes.. Or a smell of freshly picked raspberries from a forest… Or that weirdly attractive scent at the shoe repairs… 🙂 Also, I’ve always had an attachment to water colours, and painting in general. And for me as a kid, the best time to paint was when it was raining.. (Now, let me remind you, that was the pre-computer, pre-smart phone era…. 🙂 when apart from going to school, and a couple of chores at home, kids had pretty much all the free time to play outside… 🙂 )

Renier Perfumes
Renier Perfumes stand at Esxence 2018 | BonjourPerfume

Renier Perfumes bridge the senses of smell and vision in a slightly different, unique way. Their fragrances, while each carrying a different message, all have a slight scent of an oil painting, too… It is as if you were watching Mr.Renier Rodriguez Mendez paint in his studio in real life, and you were experiencing the mood on the canvas surround you and bring you closer to it, with the help of the scent of his paintbrushes…

Unlike other fragrance houses, Renier Perfumes use little words to describe the story behind their perfumes. Each fragrance here is inspired by a painting. And while looking at it, you are allowed to create that story for yourself. Using your own imagination. Your own feelings. Your sense of smell..

Renier samples
Renier Perfumes sample set | BonjourPerfume

Crystal Rain greats me with a fresh whiff of orange and apple.. it is slightly herbal, green in the beginning but later on it progresses to a soft woody jasmine scent.. It lingers on my skin for a while and settles into a cozy, smooth leather and a slightly salty marine aroma. A joyful, light, fresh perfume, full of positivity. I would reach for it in the late spring and during summer time; it is also perfect for an office wear.

Black Rain, on a bed of patchouli and leather, pours down with a thick wall of chamomile and rose… If compared to Crystal Rain, this scent is intoxicating, heavy, rich.. Lightened up with a touch of jasmine, orange blossom, and ambergris… A gorgeous blend! There is something very attractive about this fragrance, something deep, something yet to be uncovered…In my opinion, it is suitable any time of the year, possibly closer to the evening, but beautiful all the way. My favourite from the house so far!

The romantic, sweet, and mellow Kisses Rain – like a chocolaty combination of cinnamon and vanilla – drop by drop surrounds you in a warm balsamic cloud of cardamon, almonds, and coffee. It is slightly floral, slightly oudy, and very very addictive… 🙂 It is like the healthiest version of a never ending slice of the most delicious cake… Gourmand kisses! And that rain keeps pouring down, it is very long lasting.. Also, very wearable, any time of day or year.

Now Oud Rain is the version of oud I haven’t smelled before.. It is so warm and summery! Very elegant, too. I would say, to my nose, it is one of the most distinctive oud fragrances. Neither too sweet (being tropical and fruity…), nor too sharp / wet woody.. A beautiful blend! Saffron, sandalwood, and nutmeg give this whole combination a slightly different boost – quite romantic, caressing. This is the oud I’d like to wear on a date night.. 😉 It is already my top favourite oud perfume 🙂 ❤ …By the way, there are several different varieties of mangoes growing in Cuba. So, this fragrance is a true homage to this country, which is also a home to Mr.Renier Rodriguez himself.

Renier Perfumes is a new brand based in the Czech Republic, with four fragrances in their collection. They are celebrating two year anniversary this month, but what a start it is! Very memorable, very different, niche, exclusive scents; each with its own painting. The perfumes and the paintings may all be purchased online at Renier Perfumes. You may also have a sniff at selected boutiques across Europe, Saudi Arabia, and in California. The perfumes are very affordable, ranging from €85 per 50ml eau de parfum. Renier Perfumes deliver worldwide. With travel and sample sets available to order online, I think it is an amazing opportunity to try, fall in love, and own something unique and one of a kind.

The four samples for this blog post were very kindly provided by Renier Perfumes. Thank you ❤

Esxence Diary – Renier Perfumes

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