Esxence Diary – Accendis

Accendis – Aclus | BonjourPerfume

We have been blessed in Ireland with a beautifully warm summer so far this year, and it is unbelievable how this sunny weather changed the people. All I see around are smiling, happy, cheerful faces! And it is finally possible to put the woolly jumpers away, and reach for tank tops and shorts. You have no idea, how joyful it makes me feel! ūüôāAnother fantastic piece of news is … at last, with this wonderful heat came a chance to fully experience my new favourite Italian perfume house – Accendis.

When I think about it, even olive oil tastes different near the Mediterranean. And this could easily be said about fragrances created there, too.

Accendis¬†is the bearer of light. The fuel of life. Everything from the brand’s creations – starting with packaging, bottle design, to their scents – speak of that little touch we search for perfection. That little spark of light we need to illuminate us…

My favourite from the collection so far is¬†Aclus. Also, for the past month it has kept me sane, if I can express it like that… A series of recent events have prevented me from posting anything online, as I literally could not pull myself together and put a pen to paper… However,¬†Aclus¬†was with me all this way… It is an oud fragrance. Its longevity together with a perfectly blended notes was the main drive getting me through the long hours at work. Hot humid days, sticky sweaty skin – and Aclus would still be there, happily bouncing on my wrists… Being a complex floral scent, it is also a citrusy, balsamic, woody oud.. Well worth a try, and the one to fall in love with, for sure….

Accendis perfume collection | BonjourPerfume

During my morning yoga practice I usually do not use any perfumes, as I find it quite risky Рthe strong smells would take over and distract me.. The only interference I do allow myself is an open window, and whatever noises come in Рchirping birds, soughing sea, and wind in the trees. One of out-of-the-ordinary moments was when I dabbed a tiny drop of Fiorialux on my wrist before the morning routine.. And it turned out to be a lovely addition to my practice. Fiorialux is a lightly sweet, softly floral fragrance, ideal to start (or end) the day with, as it lays close to the skin. A beautiful relationship of apricot and osmanthus flowers is slightly refreshed with citrus notes, enriched with iris, and deepened with patchouli, amber, and musk. I find this fragrance peaceful, gentle, serene..

Lucepura¬†is a perfume of bright light. Pure light. Like a candle, it is there to light up your path.¬†Lucepura¬†meets my skin with a friendly bunch of pines and sandalwood. A perfect blend of lavender, watermelon, and lemon seeps through so gently. I am amazed how discreetly this fragrance reaches its peak. And all I need to do is enjoy this purity for hours, while it descends evenly into cool woody, musky tones…. I would suggest¬†Lucepura¬†for a daytime wear – lunching out with friends?, stuck in the office?, or commuting home after a long day running errands? – there is nothing nicer than smelling lovely and feeling happy, any time of the day.

Lucevera, on the other hand, is a fresh and sharp brightness of a cold star in the black sky.. Invigorating combination of bergamot – patchouli – cedarwood punches you straight into solar plexus! With a touch of blackcurrant and a sprinkle of pineapple it is tamed into an arousing scent… Very much for an evening wear, a black tie dinner party…with a glass of whiskey…and an emotional pasodoble to close the night…

0.2 feels rich, thick, and smoky. Peru balsam, with its warming power and¬†with a help of guaiac wood,¬†envelopes me on this damp foggy summer evening. Like a sip of dark hot chocolate, 0.2 settles on my skin with a non transparent layer of elegance and maturity. A touch of sweetness here, a touch of floral fruitiness there, and then it shifts to another dimension of mellow, nearly milky, woody notes…. Beautiful performance of this unisex fragrance allows one to enjoy its development on skin. Just like after a tough day at work, there is nothing better than a long hot bath and a quiet evening with a good book to lift your spirit, include Accendis 0.2 to complete this picture perfect moment. You will not be disappointed.

Esxence 2018 in Milan was my first perfume trip on a little bit different level… And as I come back to the fragrance samples I brought with me from the show, brand by brand, I discover a totally different world every time…. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately….), this world is not shared with the vast majority of people at local perfume shops, pharmacies, beauty stores… To be honest, I already got lost with the amounts of different versions of newly released Black Opium, or Mon Paris, or Si… Maybe it is the availability that makes it unattractive anymore?… And then I comeback to the modest Sunflowers by Elizabeth Arden, just because….it feels more real…

And now, as I sniff through Accendis fragrances, I am thankful to that day and all the situations at the Esxence which lead me to meeting the gorgeous Emy Cesaroni Rodriquens. So I could share with you a little glimpse to another kind of perfumed world. The one not quite available at Boots Pharmacy or Dundrum…

For any perfume sample or full bottle orders Accendis and Emy can be contacted via their website. Also on Instagram and Facebook.

All fragrances samples for this blog post were very generously provided by Accendis. Can a sincere ‘thank you’ be enough for all the different journeys one is able to begin with the help of the fragrance?….

Thank you, grazie ‚̧

Esxence Diary – Accendis

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