Esxence Diary – Waters + Wild Perfumery

Somewhere deep deep in the rural West of Ireland, where the wind is nasty and the people are kind, where the waters are vast and the mist (it may seem so) doesn’t clear away… where it either rains or pours… Somewhere deep in West Cork, on the coast of the Atlantic, there are myriads of tiny fishing villages and mini fjords where you can go whale watching or climb the rocks… And the waters are so blue!

If you ever feel like going on a road trip and getting lost, this is a place – Unionhall, Castletownshend, Glandore, Rinneen…

Waters + Wild3
West Cork, Ireland | BonjourPerfume

And one of those little towns is the home to an Irish perfume house Waters + Wild Perfumery.

Waters + Wild
Joan Woods, Waters + Wild | BonjourPerfume

Meeting the gorgeous Joan Woods at the Esxence in Milan was like meeting the best friend. How wonderful it actually is to see strong ladies making their dreams a reality, powering through with something so niche and so unique. And I was delighted to finally try their perfumes!

(Also, it was so great to see and talk to someone from Ireland! 🙂 I can now see how easy it is for the Irish people to just start chatting to each other when they meet abroad. Don’t know one another? Grand so! Sure – we’re Irish! There’s always something to talk about! 🙂 )

Waters + Wild is a Certified Organic perfume brand, they are using natural, raw, organic materials, and even all their seaweed is collected just out there, on the same beach in the West of Cork. What’s not to love!

Tuberose + Frankincense by Waters + Wild | BonjourPerfume

My #sotd is the gorgeous Tuberose + Frankincense perfume. The day for it is just perfect – it’s wet and miserable outside, it hasn’t stopped raining all day. Lovely Irish weather, we would say… 🙂 And I am so delighted I chose this fragrance, as it is just like a perfect shield from this grayness outside.. Tuberose + Frankincense reminds me of the incense sticks I used to burn years ago.. There’s this balsamic powdery mist, with touches of tuberose, enveloping my skin.. And it makes me sing! I feel joyful! A good 4 hours later, I can still smell woody  notes on my wrist.. It feels homey… Without sadness or regret… It is the scent of a new – Irish – home, where games and laughter kick in, where the shepherd’s pie is bubbling in the oven and the kettle has just boiled…. And it is time for a nice cuppa…

Waters + Wild have an online shop and they offer very attractive delivery rates for orders outside Ireland. Deliveries within the Republic are free.

Waters + Wild2
Waters + Wild | BonjourPerfume

The four fragrances come at a price of €120 for a 50ml bottle. They also offer scented candles, lavender + rosemary scented soap bar, lavender + chamomile wash, facial serum. And I especially love their gift set selections. If you’re looking for something real, different, exclusively Irish, and – most of all – true to nature – look no further. Waters + Wild Perfumery is your No.1 choice 🙂

The sample for this blog post was kindly provided by Waters + Wild Perfumery. Thank you ❤

Esxence Diary – Waters + Wild Perfumery

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