Esxence Diary – Sylvaine Delacourte

For the last couple of nights I’ve been falling asleep with Sylvaine Delacourte‘s fragrances from La Collection Muscs. This is a collection of five perfumes, each embracing a different relationship with musk. I find them calming, soothing.. Just perfect for testing and a good night’s rest…

Sylvaine Delacourte - La Collection Muscs | BonjourPerfume

My favourite so far is Smeraldo. The green vetiver and zesty fruits easing into warming musky freshness – with a touch of freshly clean bed sheets and a sprinkle of aromatic rose… It slightly reminds me of something from the Guerlain family creations… There is something there I cannot pinpoint just yet, and it is very gentle, barely noticeable… I love this beautiful scent.. I can see an elegant woman wearing a crisp white shirt, and she means business…

Sylvaine Delacourte - La Collection Muscs | BonjourPerfume

Another fragrance from the collection is called Dovana. A slight resemblance to a sweet, creamy soap scent, maybe… I find it homey, cozy, warming… Innocent and safe… Like a security blanket… This is the fragrance that makes you feel like walking on clouds – light and joyful! Beautiful skin scent, perfect for any occasion, be it the office or a romantic dinner… And the name – Dovana – could not be more perfect for a present, especially as a perfume! Because dovana in Lithuanian means ‘a present’ 🙂 I love the idea behind this scent. Any Lithuanian would love to have a bottle of French perfume with a Lithuanian name…. 🙂 and now they can! 🙂


Miss Delacourte used to work for Guerlain and just recently presented her own perfume creations. La Collection Muscs is the first, another collection with vanilla scents will be available later on this year. Currently, the perfumes are available at a few selected stores across the world, and you can also order online at . By the way, there’s a very tempting promotion on the website 😉 you can order a cute little discovery box with the musk collection (5 scents x 1.7 ml) for only €5, which you can later deduct on your next purchase! 🙂


The discovery box for this blog post was very generously provided by Sylvaine Delavourte. Thank you! ❤

Esxence Diary – Sylvaine Delacourte

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