Esxence Diary – Mendittorosa & Talismans

Memories from the Esxence show in Milan are still vibrant and alive, especially when I think of the beautiful Stefania Squeglia and her babies – Mendittorosa and Talismans…

Mendittorosa Odori D’Anima and Talismans Collezione Preziosa are like two sides of the same coin, each telling a completely different story…

Talismans Osang
Talismans family and Osang | photo by BonjourPerfume

But today my post is not based on perfume notes. And the deeper I go into the memories, the lesser words I can find to describe them… There is a strong feeling left inside, like an imprint, which I will carry with me…

At the Esxence show my attention was firstly captured by a tall blue painting on the wall, representing Adam and Eve (and the new addition to Talismans family – perfume Sirio)…

Talismans Sirio
Sirio – the new addition to Talismans | photo by BonjourPerfume

Then, I saw Osang, the 2017 perfume release with an impressive cap like a pope’s hat…

And then there was a red haired lady hopping barefoot on the grass…. Grass?! 🙂 In that moment my attention was truly glued to their stand 🙂

Stefania Squeglia, Mendittorosa & Talismas creator | photo by BonjourPerfume


Stefania Squeglia is like a volcano, – said Giovanni Festa, the perfumer of Osang, – the volcano of creativity.

I could not agree more! The perfumes under her brand capture her true soul, be it a Taro card, a perfume that she’s dreamt of, a planet, or a tribute to IDDU – a volcano in Stromboli, the little island of Italy, where everything really started…. Her perfumed creations are not regulated by memories from the past, they are more from the present, with a giant leap into the future.

Sirio is a fresh, fruity scent. It asks two very important questions: where are we coming from? and were are we going to? What if before this planet Earth we lived on another one, e.g. Sirius? And maybe after this lifetime we all end up back there… Like this life on Earth is just a quick pit stop before we continue on with our journey… Sirio also represents a symbol of the forbidden fruit. But this time this fruit is not forbidden, it is widely shared, without any secrets or regrets…

Sirio by Talismans
Sirio – the new addition to Talismans family | photo by BonjourPerfume

However, Osang has a little bit more down-to-Earth approach, what concerns its story.. It is about a celebration which takes place three times a year in the Naples, with an expectation of a miracle – liquefaction of holy blood.

The moment I put my nose close to the blotter for the first time, I had no prejudgments, as always.. (I noticed that often the story of a particular perfume would have to grow with me over time. I would have to tame it, make it my own with the help of that perfume… However, actually more often than I would want to, that story told or projected by a brand would just not resonate with me. I can love the fragrance, admire the story behind it, but they would be two completely different items without any connection.. That is why with the first time testings I let the fragrance lead the way, with my eyes closed. And if there are any gaps or questions, I would look for the answers in the story.. )

But with Osang it was totally different, and my usual plan went straight out the window… The first time I sniffed it, I was instantly sucked into a thick dark matter… Church, incense, wood, yes… But there was something else in it that stopped my time, stopped my thoughts, and then everything around me disappeared… I remember my smile, that I would approach a new perfume with, vanish…

Honestly, I have never smelled anything like this before. It was not like a ‘perfume that brings you memories’… It was a sensation, a feeling, a thick – physical – material – memory… I don’t know what… It was more like experiencing a dream while being awake… And yet, I still don’t know what that dream, that memory was…

The closest words I can find to describe Osang, however, cannot explain it even in the slightest… So, you will only have to try it yourselves… and it might not even trigger anything of the sort inside you… But whenever a perfume does have an effect on you, treasure that memory and that scent… Because this tells me that the Creative Director and the Perfumer have mastered to understand each other, and with the help of precious ingredients created magic…

Mendittorosa and Talismans collections are available at their online store, and they offer a free worldwide delivery. Price range from €150 for a 100ml bottle. Travel and discovery and sample sets also available. If you have any questions about their stockists, do not hesitate to inquire via contact email address.

Also, when you are in Milan, pop into Zhor Parfums boutique for a personal experience….

Esxence Diary – Mendittorosa & Talismans

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