The Fifth Annual Art and Olfaction Award Winners!

Art and Olfaction Awards
Art and Olfaction Awards | photo credit : Art and Olfaction Awards

Bonjour! And congratulations to the Winners of the Fifth Annual  Art and Olfaction Awards !!! 

***Artisan category Award winners:

Club Design by The Zoo – Perfumer and Creative Director #ChristopheLaudamiel

Chienoir by BedeauX – Perfumer and Creative Director #AmandaBeadle

***Independent category Award winners:

Eau De Virginie by Au Pays de la Fleur d’Oranger – Perfumer #JeanClaudeGigodot , Creative Director #VirginieRoux

Nuit De Bakelite by Naomi Goodsir – Perfumer #IsabelleDoyen , Creative Directors NaomiGoodsir, #RenaudCoutaudier

***Sadakichi Award winner:

Under the Horizon by OswaldoMacia – Perfume #RicardoMoya (IFF)

***Aftel Award for handmade perfume winner:

Pays Dogon by Monsillage

***Contribution to Scent Culture Award winner:

Peter de Cupere for his lifetime and ongoing achievements


Congratulations to all the Nominees, too! 
Bonjour Perfume Blog we love all the hard and creative work you put in  
Cheers to the new scents! 

The Art and Olfaction Awards


The Fifth Annual Art and Olfaction Award Winners!

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