Esxence Milan 2018

Dear fragrance enthusiasts, lovers, admirers..

I would like to share with you a new series of posts. And this time they will be dedicated to the perfume show Esxence, which took place in Milan just recently, in the beginning of April, 2018. This was the tenth anniversary of this show! 🙂 I was so lucky to attend it, and would like to share this experience with you during the next couple of weeks.
Esxence 2018, Milan | photo by BonjourPerfumeEsxence is a four-day exhibition, where representatives of hundreds of niche fragrance brands have an opportunity to meet new potential distributors and  buyers, also vloggers and bloggers, and, most importantly, the customers themselves. The niche brands have a chance to present their newest creations to the market, and also show their own character, charizma, their charm. Something that distinguishes them from everyone else..

The show is open to public for two days, and I think it is an amazing opportunity for anyone who is crazy about fragrances to visit it. At least once in a lifetime, as it is an unforgettable experience.

Esxence 10th anniversary | photo by BonjourPerfume

Unfortunately, with very limited time and an enormous amount of perfumes to sniff 🙂 , I could only manage to cover just a handful of brands. Some where known to me, e.g. Parfums de Nicolai, Dorin, and Imaginary Authors, other brand names I only discovered online with  a help of different forums and was intrigued to try, e.g. Parfums Dusita, the Map of the Heart, Mendittorosa. However, there were so many other unknown to me brand names that I didn’t know where to start.. 🙂 But I am so happy I approached their stands, because their perfumes are amazing! 🙂 ❤ Renier Parfums, Onyrico, Accendis, to name just a few..

The time in Milan flew by very quickly. And I had to use it wisely, that is – be open to everything and everyone around me… I loved every single conversation with the perfumers, creators, and representatives.. it was amazing and really interesting to hear their stories, ideas about perfumes and brands themselves..

So, if you’re into sniffing and smelling great… 😉 …and if you love the Italian food and language… 🙂 …I can only encourage you to pack light and plan your trip to Milan next year – Esxence 2019! 🙂

Until then, and during the next few weeks, let me share with you some beautiful moments from this year’s perfume show. And let me know how you enjoy them, I would love to hear from you 🙂

Esxence Milan 2018

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