How do you choose?…

How do you decide which perfume you will wear today?…

Miss Dior Originale by Parfums Christian Dior | BonjourPerfume

Recently I noticed that I sense the perfume in the air around me before I choose to wear it that day… and that sensation lasts a second or so… Then a thought would cross my mind, oh this smells nice!… 🙂 … And after that I would automatically know what perfume I am going to wear…

It’s like… I smell it around me before I even come close to the shelf… Sometimes, when I’m not so sure of the fragrance, I would see the bottle in the back of my head… For confirmation 🙂

Weird, isn’t it?…

So, I wonder, what makes you choose to wear one perfume or the other? How do you decide?..

Here is my today’s (and tonight’s) choice…

Miss Dior Originale by Parfums Christian Dior. This beauty is so light and creamy…


How do you choose?…

3 thoughts on “How do you choose?…

  1. It’s interesting how you pre-smell your SOTD. I have so many different ways of choosing my perfume that it’ll probably take more than a comment (maybe I should do a post?), but I must say that it got harder over years (and a number of perfumes in my collection).

    I love Miss Dior! I should probably wear it tomorrow. (And yes, this is one of the ways I decide what to wear 😉 .)

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    1. Oh, do write a post, please! It is so interesting, as we’re all so different… especially when there’s a collection of more than..3-4 bottles.. 🙂 .. there’s always a struggle of some sorts… 🙂
      P.s. this morning I woke up sensing L’Heure Bleue, while still in bed… 😀

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