How do you choose?…

How do you decide which perfume you will wear today?…

Recently I noticed that I sense the perfume in the air around me before I choose to wear it that day… and that sensation lasts a second or so… Then a thought would cross my mind, oh this smells nice!… 🙂 … And after that I would automatically know what perfume I am going to wear…

It’s like… I smell it around me before I even come close to the shelf… Sometimes, when I’m not so sure of the fragrance, I would see the bottle in the back of my head… For confirmation 🙂

Weird, isn’t it?…

So, I wonder, what makes you choose to wear one perfume or the other? How do you decide?..

Here is my today’s (and tonight’s) choice…

Miss Dior Originale by Parfums Christian Dior | BonjourPerfume

Miss Dior Originale by Parfums Christian Dior. This beauty is so light and creamy…


How do you choose?…

3 thoughts on “How do you choose?…

  1. It’s interesting how you pre-smell your SOTD. I have so many different ways of choosing my perfume that it’ll probably take more than a comment (maybe I should do a post?), but I must say that it got harder over years (and a number of perfumes in my collection).

    I love Miss Dior! I should probably wear it tomorrow. (And yes, this is one of the ways I decide what to wear 😉 .)

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    1. Oh, do write a post, please! It is so interesting, as we’re all so different… especially when there’s a collection of more than..3-4 bottles.. 🙂 .. there’s always a struggle of some sorts… 🙂
      P.s. this morning I woke up sensing L’Heure Bleue, while still in bed… 😀

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