Bonjour Project – Day to Recollect

I have noticed it is hard sometimes to start writing.. But once the thoughts flow freely, I cannot stop 🙂 However, there always comes a day when projects have to end, too. 🙂

Yesterday was a lovely day.

1. #SOTD Histoires de Parfums – 1740

Histories de Parfums - 1740 | photo by BonjourPerfume

Now, I would never have thought this perfume could be for men. You can imagine what surprise I got today when I opened to check out the notes, etc… 🙂 I picked this beauty at Parfumarija in Dublin, and only got the chance to try it now. Winter helps this scent develop beautifully! It is a wonderful woody leather, slightly sweet and very warming. I must say, 1740 might just be my new favourite! It last for hours on my skin and is just a pure perfection… And here I am sitting quite surprised, reading about Marquis de Sade… 😀 If I knew that yesterday, more than likely, I wouldn’t have tried it… 😀 But I am very happy I did! ❤

2. Little discoveries of the day

Yesterday I surprisingly remembered about a huge lake just beside Šiauliai, called Rėkyva. It is the 10th largest lake in Lithuania. And I remember spending some summers swimming in it 🙂 I felt a sudden urge to visit it – Rėkyva is only a short bus ride away. During a very cold winter people would go fishing on its ice, but yesterday the lake was surrounded by ducks and swans. Still some snow on the ground… Very picturesque place 🙂 Maybe during spring time, when it is a bid warmer, it would be nice to take a trail walk around the lake. It is a lovely 20km walk for nature explorers 🙂

Lake Rekyva in Siauliai | photo by BonjourPerfume

‘Žvejų Užeiga’ (or The Fishermen’s Inn) – another pleasant surprise beside the lake. It is a newly opened restaurant / hotel. With mainly fish dishes, this place offers a great selection of food and an excellent service. I only stopped for coffee but stayed over for lunch and was not disappointed 🙂 A hidden gem. I also loved the view out the window, and can only imagine how beautiful sunsets will look like in summertime…

3. Something to be thankful for

My evening finished at the charity event in Šiauliai, organized by the art gallery ‘Laiptai‘ for Mother Theresa’s Family Home. It was a cozy evening sitting down at the tables, listening to beautiful folk and classical music singers, also some readings by local actors, and drinking tea, sharing a loaf of bread and a slice of cake. The Family Home is a community that houses people from orphanages, who are parents themselves, have disabilities. I really liked a sentence I heard during that evening – during this dark Advent time, or just during this dark time…you can only light up your path with the help of another human being…

I am so grateful for being born in such a beautiful city, as we call it – Sun City. There’s plenty of love and understanding, joy and heartfulness in it. ❤

Be happy, my dear perfume lovers…. Be fragrant and rare… and most of all, be true to yourself, wherever you are.

Sending love and peace to your homes and families. And may the end of this year build the base to the next 2018. Let’s kick all the negativity, anger, and sadness out of our lives! Let’s start the next year with our hearts filled with humanness, impeccability, and love.



Bonjour Project – Day to Recollect

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