Bonjour Project – Testing Day

1. #SOTD – Douglas Scents

Douglas scents | photo by BonjourPerfume

Douglas, with close to 2000 stores across 19 countries, is a leading perfume and cosmetics company offering an extremely wide range of products.

And today I am trying out three mini scents from their own collection.

Douglas – Funky Flower

Mango, pineapple — magnolia, rose — cedar wood, white musk. This perfume is fresh. I could feel an interesting smell of very ripe apples at the beginning 🙂 and then it gently turned to rose… after a couple of hours I can still feel a cold minty and woody base.. A pleasant fragrance for a warm summer day.

Douglas – Sunny Fruit

Mandarin, white peach — neroli, peony — cedar wood, white musk. Even though I love peonies and neroli, also sun and fruit…but I find this scent the least attractive.. it is very synthetic to me.. sharp, even harsh..

Douglas – Happy Juice

Almond, candy apple — orange blossom, violet — sandalwood, patchouli. From the whole trio, I like this one the most. It drifts away very quickl, just in a couple of hours. But for the rest of the evening I can still sense a slight whiff of the sandalwood base.. A very pleasant fragrance, will suit any oriental perfume lover 🙂

And of course, at 7.99 euros for 15ml it is a perfect stocking filler 😉

2. Little discoveries of the day

I have noticed so many Lithuanian movies appearing on tv and in cinemas. We have so many great actors, and it is great to see them not only on theatre stage but also in a movie 🙂 today’s treat – a comedy ‘Oh no! Oh yes!‘ . The film discusses the highs and lows of family and love life. And what left the biggest impression to me was the quality of acting, story telling, and the depth of true feeling on the screen…

3. Something to be thankful for

Just recently I went to a meditation seminar, organized by a martial arts / yoga dojo, presented by two teachers. Šiauliai is a relatively large town but, as it is located so far away from the capital, I have never expected to see such a huge turn out of people. So, I have learnt about different kinds of meditation and it was also interesting to listen to different experiences of others. Mainly the youth, and especially how they were into understanding the power of meditation, the human being’s ability to free himself of burdens that fear and worry and self pity create… I was really happy that the search for and the practice of spirituality is alive in Šiauliai. ❤



P.S. The prices are correct at the time of posting this blog, 17/12/2017.

Bonjour Project – Testing Day

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