Bonjour Project – Day 30

Hi all,

1. #SOTD Versace – Eros Pour Feme EDT

Well, to be honest, I cannot even say that I am still wearing this perfume, as in just one hour or so it disappeared from my wrist as if it has never even been there…. All I got after spritzing it was a gentle, generic, sweet fruity scent.. a touch of orange and maybe some magnolia, jasmine… the next time I wanted to sniff it again – it was already gone! 😦 …maybe during a hot summer day it might reveal its magic, but summer is soooo far away that I am not even sure if I will remember to dig that sample out… personally, the original aquatic EDP version is way better… Sorry Versace, I am beginning to lose hope… 🙂

2. Little discoveries of the day / 3. Something to be thankful for

I took a stroll down the most famous street in Šiauliai – Vilniaus st. At the moment a part of it is under reconstruction, so I only walked the bright and cheerful part 🙂 I am thankful to the town council for they left the most memorable parts of this street untouched, like e.g. the little statues where 20-30 years ago a pharmacy or a flower shop used to be; or the fountains and other sculptures..

I invite you to take a look at some pictures from my home town… 🙂



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Bonjour Project – Day 30

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