Bonjour Project – Days 14 & 15

Time flies enormously fast. Every single moment is of such value these days that I can barely hold on to this train. At the same time it feels like I’ve been writing this blog for two months already, and only because of the title these posts I can actually base myself.. Two full weeks. What have I discovered? What have I learnt?..

1. #SOTD Patchouli Intense by Parfums de Nicolai. Needed something to ground myself.. And I really don’t know why I think patchouli fragrances should have the stabilizing effect.. but for me they do…

I have also wandered into Douglas today just to test few perfumes. The ones that caught my eye (and nose) were: Tom Ford – Noir Pour Femme, Hermes – 24 Faubourg, and Molinard – Rose Emois. All very different..all  worth a siff or a skin test, at least…

Visit to Douglas in Vilnius | photo by BonjourPerfume

2. Little discoveries of the day

Great news – from today some 80 coffee shops, restaurants, hotels in Vilnius are organizing Free Coffee Sunday mornings for the Seniors. People get to meet up, make new friends, sing a song or two together. I think it is a wonderful idea, as socializing in Lithuania differs from Ireland. On the Island people are more used to this, they are more chatty, go out more often. Whereas here in Lithuania, people tend to be more reserved, they wouldn’t start talking to a stranger just for the sake of talking, even about the weather… So, a free coffee morning – a beautiful step to bridge people together.

3. Something to be thankful for

I had my last day at the theatre today. I have had an amazing time with the girls, and am grateful for this given opportunity to test myself, to improve my language and customer service skills, and also for the chance to watch few plays, as a little reward.. The people who work there behind the scenes preparing, organizing, managing everything what a customer doesn’t get to see – they are a wonderful bunch of honest, hard working, and truly artistic and talented people. I has been an honor to spend the time with them. Thank you, Vilniaus Mazasis Teatras 🙂

P.S. If you are ever in Vilnius on Sunday morning / afternoon, check the theatre’s repertoire for children plays. These could be the two hours in your life that bring you joy and laughter, as there is always something of value for adults, too..



Bonjour Project – Days 14 & 15

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