Bonjour Project – Day 12

It comes to a full circle.. No.twelve today 🙂

1. #SOTD – I didn’t go far… went straight to the little goodie box and picked out Jubiliation 25 by Amouage.

Amouage collection | photo by BonjourPerfume

Whoever is the nose behind this masterpiece, I thank you.. 🙂 ❤ this amber smokiness is quite gentle with a bouquet of flowers surrounding it… I’m literally short for words how nice this perfume is… it feels classy, very lady like, a must for women 25+… 😉

2. and 3. Little discoveries of the day / Something to be thankful for

It was a fun enough day at work today.. 🙂 I had a little exam – I was left on my own to manage 200 people in half an hour without a supervisor 😀 …I think I did pretty well – no one got killed 🙂

..But the most interesting part was the feeling. I was able to compare myself from today with the one I used to be some 10 or even 15 years ago… And I cannot express how much more peace there is inside me now… A similar situation years ago would get me into panic attacks, anger, aggressive disappointment with a situation, people, the World, and especially myself.. Oh dear, I used to be so bitter… And today I was smiling, looking people in the eyes, and even cracked up a joke or two… 🙂

I remember a quote from a very good book.. Only we decide who we want to be – miserable or happy. It takes years of practice, but the effort we put in is the same… So why waste time and energy? …. I am thankful to the Higher Powers for this chance to change, and especially to the people that came along all this way… I have a very long road ahead, but without them I wouldn’t have made it to where I am today…

Have a pleasant weekend, dear friends! 🙂

J. Xxx

Bonjour Project – Day 12

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