Bonjour Project – Day 11

A quick one today 😉 I keep forgetting about the time difference..

1. #SOTN – after a long and hot shower … Parfums de Nicolai – Ambre Cashmere Intense. Love the velvety smooth perfection of this scent… sticks to my skin and don’t want it to leave, ever..

Parfums de Nicolai - Ambre Cashmere Intense | photo by BonjourPerfume

2. Little discoveries of the day

I was casually walking today, trying to find some perfume brand (which I didn’t at the end as I turned the wrong way..), when I caught Buddha pictures with corner of my eye. And I would never have thought – there’s a Tibetan Buddhism centre in Vilnius. I might pay them a visit on my next trip around the city 🙂

Seeing this helped me to finally make up my mind and actually go to the Shaolin Lithuania classes… it is an official association of traditional Wu-Shu in the country.

And I am happy beyond belief, so delighted that I fought the urge to stay home and..probably do nothing of value.. This hour and a half was definitely time well spent 🙂 (I will let you know tomorrow if I can walk, though… 😀 )

3. Something to be thankful for

Doors and windows and opportunities…

I am thankful for everything that comes my way, as an acceptance or refusal. Especially when the doors get closed in front of you, this leads to something that you actually need… you might not even know or realize this… but the Universe always provides.. the only two things you have to do are: work hard for your dream, and believe in the path 🙂 …well… there is a third thing… do not lose hope if the result is different – the journey is the key…

That’s all folks… 🙂

J. Xxx

P.s. Parfums de Nicolai are available at Visokių Daiktų Krautuvėlė (essentially.. A Little Shop of very many Things 🙂 ), Užupio st.

Bonjour Project – Day 11

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