Bonjour Project – Day 10

Good evening, my darlings..

The day flew by so quickly and I barely noticed what time it was.. It gets dark outside very early, and sometimes it feels like the Sun doesn’t even rise…

1. #SOTD Amouage – Reflection.

A lovely, perfectly balanced fragrance – fresh, light, flowery, with a gentle base of cedar, amber and sandalwood. It lasts moderately long enough as a day-time perfume, and after 5-6 hours I can still feel a very gentle whiff of it on my wrist. Highly recommended on a warmer day.. 🙂

Amouage collection | photo by BonjourPerfume

2. Little discoveries of the day

I had a wonderful opportunity to take a sneak peek at a play in the theatre today, in between my shifts. The play ‘Bedalis ir Labdarys’ (The Underdog and the Benefactor) is about a modern day Lithuanians in London, searching for a better life away from their loved ones, families, and friends. And how they all get filtered through a group of social workers – benefactors. It is a collection of different mini stories, some funny, some not so much… And I felt rather weird, as some of those stories felt so real to me.. so personal..

Strangely enough, I chose to wear Reflection on the way to work, unbeknownst to me of what the play was about….

3. Something to be thankful for

This day ended up to be a one big reflection of who am and where I am going…. and how thankful I am to my family and the very close circle of friends, for without their help, support and understanding, I wouldn’t be here and now…..


J. xxx

Bonjour Project – Day 10

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