Bonjour Project – Day 9

Hello, my perfume lovers…

1. and 2. As there was no #SOTD today (OMG, I know! 🙂 ), I went to my beloved Kristiana and sampled first two perfumes that attracted my eye, so here you are, two beauties and two little discoveries:

Jeroboam – Insulo.

Jeroboam available in Kristiana | photo by BonjourPerfume

A beautiful bottle, love the font too, reminds me of something Arabic. The fragrance itself is extrait de parfum, however after 6-7 hours I cannot smell anything on my skin.. (yet, it could be me…) Perfume notes are: vanilla, jasmine, musk. It was quite sharp as I recall it. It might sit better on a man, but who am I kidding, even young men now wear Chanel no.5 parfum! (have seen today with my own eyes!) Insulo didn’t transport me anywhere.. However it is a pleasant enough perfume. 30ml for 99eu… I’d say try before purchasing… 🙂


Rance 1795 – Eleonore.

Rance 1795 available in Kristiana | photo by BonjourPerfume

Now this oriental vanilla is a different story. It started off as citrusy flower bouquet…and then changed and changed and changed.. amber-patchouli-vanilla-sandalwood… 7hrs on, and still there is a gentle touch of it on my wrist… Funnily enough, it actually reminds me of my first ever deodorant that I got as a present from my God Mother.. I never thought I still had that memory in me… That strange orange-amber smell, I always thought it was orange..maybe because its can was orange colour… Anyhow, Eleonore settles down into a calm, gentle, and peaceful vanilla incense… A very lady like perfume, very easily likable. 50ml bottle for the same price as Jeroboam..

3. Something to be thankful for

You know, I might be going too deep into philosophy when I am on this project… And I find myself observing and evaluating life around me in a more intense manner than, let’s say, at home… But I am beginning to realize more and more each day that nothing is given to you in life without a fight… Don’t take me too literally. By nothing I mean – everything that you hope for, wish for, anything that you imagine for your future… And by a fight I mean – hard work, putting long hours in, or to some it could even be with a price of a broken heart.. So, whatever it is you want in life, you will have to put your heart and sweat in….

As my friend says, a prince on a white horse will not come looking for you if you’re sitting there in a bathrobe, all messy and dirty, thinking – ‘whatever is meant for me will find me’…  🙂 you might be not worthy of that prince just yet… 🙂

So here I am.. thankful for this project…as it projects some different light in my life.

Good night peeps, until tomorrow.

J. xxx

P.s. the prices are correct at the time of posting this blog, 20th November, 2017.

Also, the pictures do not represent the exact fragrances described in this blog, they are purely for the visual content.

Bonjour Project – Day 9

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