Angel Stories – Femme By Angel Schlesser

Angel Schlesser – a Spanish brand I am only beginning to uncover. Slowly. Like a flower that is about to blossom. Carefully. Gently…

Angel Schlesser Femme EDT (1999) – the first fragrance by Angel Schlesser represents two centuries colliding. And there is a woman in between. She is tough. Sophisticated. Smart. Elegant. A woman that means business. The one that cannot be crushed. The one that will show her worth. She is ruthless yet kind. Strong yet caring. And sweet. But only to the ones she wants to open up to… Femme brings me controlled power.

The new edition Angel Schlesser Femme EDP (2014) transports me to a ball room.. With shiny floors and crystal chandeliers.. With beautiful soul music playing on a warm evening, windows wide open… And I see women and men swinging in unison, fluffy dresses flowing, the room sparkling with joy.. Like there is no sadness in the world… Like there is only friendship, happiness, love and freedom around us… We know sadness, and we know suffering, and sorrow… But at this moment we manage to see kindness, at this moment we manage to shine together as humanity… The music keeps playing, I can hear people sing and laugh… Femme brings me hope and warmth this dark evening…

And here she is – the Woman! A fighter by day and a dreamer by night. A worker and a mother. She is everything – a friend, a sister, a lover, a shoulder to cry on, a supporting hand, a nurturing and caring mom. She is tough and loving when needed, you just have to know your way around..

I am so grateful to Angel Schlesser for these feminine stories show diversity, movement, fluidity, and transformation within. I am raising a glass of bubbly to these beautiful creations!

Angel Schlesser is available in the Republic of Ireland exclusively at Harvey Nichols in Dundrum Town Centre. Make sure you pop in to try these classic fragrances (and many more) – I would love to hear your stories! Maybe you will be transported into a different vision?

Olfactory notes:

Angel Schlesser Femme (1999)

Top notes: Bergamot, juniper, mandarin, orange blossom

Heart notes: Lilly-of-the-Valley, wood, pepper

Base notes: Cardamon, sage, musk

Angel Schlesser Femme (2014) 

Top notes: Bergamot, mandarin, black pepper

Heart notes: Ginger, violet, jasmine

Base notes: Tonka bean, amber, musk

When I was finishing writing the post they all came out to play… 🙂  😀

Angel Stories – Femme By Angel Schlesser

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