Gemstones of Paris – Part III

Recently I have been very lucky to visit a Maison Francis Kurkdjian Parisian boutique on rue d’Alger on the day of their seventh birthday. All that week in early September Rives de la Beaute also has held a five-day event in Paris dedicated to beauty and the art of perfumery. Such events are not to be missed, my dear perfume addicts and admirers! 😉

MFK Boutique © Bonjour Perfume 2016

My short visit to Paris this time was dedicated to the discovery of the Perfume House of Francis Kurkdjian. These days there is a ton of information online or in fashion / beauty magazines, however, being there in person makes the experience so much more… personal …and adds a lovely human touch, something you cherish for the rest of your life. I was so overwhelmed after my visit, it took me a few weeks to finally sit down and start writing about this trip…

I am still discovering MFK fragrances every day, and every time they evolve differently on my skin… Is it because I am back in Ireland and the weather affects me differently? Is it because I am a woman, as men wouldn’t probably be that emotionally attached? Is it because I tend to immerse myself into a new perfume and cannot put it aside until I fully explore it? To be honest, more than likely it is all of those things…

So, today I present to you Petit Matin and Grand Soir by Maison Francis Kurkdjian! 🙂 This duo of perfumes is created to celebrate the joy of Paris, like an ode to the City of Light. They both are shared fragrances, released in 2016.

Petit Matin and Grand Soir at MFK © Bonjour Perfume 2016

A freshness of citrus notes on a warm bed of musk and ambroxan in Petit Matin – something I can call a perfect marriage between happiness and stability. Wake up and smell the coffee! 🙂 Take a walk on the empty streets of Paris at dawn! 🙂 Enjoy the peace in the park with a good book! 🙂 I find Petit Matin to be a gentle, velvety fragrance, a creamy balance between lemon and amber. It is a soft aroma that stays on skin for a few hours, it allows you wake up and build your strength. Nothing forceful, just you and your peace of mind.

Now, Grand Soir is a completely different story… Its seductive lavender-oriental blend of Spanish labdanum, tonka bean, benzoin, vanilla and amber takes you on a night out in Paris! I feel enveloped in this cashmere-like fragrance 🙂 It lasts on my skin for more than 12-15 hours – no need to re-apply. It is powerful, posh, deep and joyous. All you need then is the moon and stars, sparkling Paris street lights, and bunch of friends, chatting and laughing away into the night…till dawn… 🙂

I haven’t met many Parisians, but I noticed immediately – these people love life! They cherish and enjoy all the goodness it brings their way! They know when to stop and take a rest, they know how to celebrate.. To me this fragrance duo represents freedom and joy.. And what a pleasure it is to be able to wear a masterpiece, created by a magician!

Some might not yet know how strong the customers’ relationship with Mr.Francis is. As a person who has been creating magnificent perfumes for different brands for twenty plus years, Mr.Kurkdjian has infiltrated into my fragrance wardrobe without my knowledge! Elie Saab, Elizabeth Arden, Narciso Rodriguez, Burberry, Jean Paul Gaultier, to name just a few… I admit, before I used to go after a brand name, but over time perfumery turned out to be a very different world on its own… There are very creative masterminds behind each bottle. Thankfully, some of them have the freedom to create their own independent brand.

Finally, anyone wishing to purchase the new Petit Matin and / or Grand Soir, or any other MFK fragrances, please visit the company’s online shop . They provide a world-wide delivery and all the perfumes are beautifully gift wrapped. The customers also have an option of having the bottles engraved, which I think is a wonderful idea for a special occasion, be it a wedding gift, or something for a Santa’s Christmas List… 😉 Also, the fragrant wardrobe is very versatile, it includes body / shower creams, travel sets and refills, laundry detergents and even scented bubbles! 🙂 And, what I personally got the most excited about, when ordering a perfume bottle you can also add two complimentary sample sized fragrances to your basket! Maybe Aqua Universalis or Baccarat Rouge 540 will make it to your wish list?.. 😉 Alternatively, if you have any other queries, please contact the MFK boutique at 🙂

I am grateful to all the higher powers and different events in my life that have led me to this point of discovering Maison Francis Kurkdjian. And as always, thank you to Mr.G. for being so supportive during this journey – none of this would have happened without you, too 😉

I cannot wait to see where the next trip is going to take us! 🙂



Gemstones of Paris – Part III

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