The Way Out

Over the years..and even centuries..there have been many ways for people to escape reality. The little clogs of a giant wheel – human race – have always tried to search for something more, something that would show them a different side of reality, relieve them from physical and emotional pain, and simply unknowingly raise their spirit.

Some of us found it in drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, food, sex. Others choose religion, politics, sport events, shopping as a way of escape, anything to give us a thrill, help us forget everyday routine for a few moments…The list is never ending. All these different triggers bring us the same effect – a non ordinary reality. Unfortunately, some of them also have a destructive outcome and innocent lives are harmed.

In order to change the World around us all we would need is to change ourselves, change the way we look at things.Yogis say try to look beyond the pain, breath into it and release it…. However, when I asked my mom to do so, she just laughed – many years suffering from rheumatism and arthritis, while being overweight and diabetic – she could not acknowledge the fact that there might be another way out apart from medication…

And this brings me to my own way out – perfume. It satisfies me; soothes – protects – empowers – teleports – envelopes me… It calms me down, and boosts my mood when needed.. Yesterday I was calmed by Yves Roche – Naturelle, today I’m empowered by Rochas – Femme. I must say, whoever created the first fragrances was either a magician, or a creature out of this World, or a very clever person… Because these are definitely drops of magic… What else could a woman want?

We are all sparks of light on this planet at this moment in time… Everything is important, and equally everything is pure nothingness..

The Way Out

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