Inner Sunshine

Hi all,

I have made a conscious decision recently to not pay attention to the ongoing rain and the series of storms.. It shall not affect my mood anymore! Therefore, I refuse to accept winter any longer! Otherwise I will go crazy and be miserable for the rest of my life….

So, I choose happy! Starting with yellow, orange, red, green and white colours around me – make up, clothes, food, flowers; then de cluttering rooms, wardrobes, and any forgotten corners of the house; and finally I am introducing light, flowery, fresh and sweet fragrances to my daily routine – Joucy Couture EDP, Ma Vie by Boss, Chloe EDT, Flower by Kenzo. Anything that will bring sunshine and happiness!

It feels that I’ve been here for so long… We tend to talk about nothing else than weather in Ireland.. šŸ™‚ It is going to rain or it is raining! šŸ™‚ And we do get four seasons in one day.. Well, I must say it is not as bad as Scotland – the weather change there is so quick that all the seasons come in one hour! Yet still, I miss the sunshine, summer heat, and everything it brings – blue skies, hot sand, sweet strawberries and cherries, fields of flowers…and smiling people….

It is easy to notice the change in humans that the power of sunlight brings. Thus, while it is still on the way, I choose to surround myself with colour, joy, and happiness.

Until next time,


Inner Sunshine

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